29 Retired Army Generals Pulled Out In Kaduna 

The Nigerian Army on Friday, pulled out  29 Retired  Generals of the Infantry Corps who retired from active military service. 

The ceremony, held at the Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna State, marked the end of illustrious careers dedicated to the defense and protection of the nation.

Out of the 29 retired infantry officers, 19 held the rank of Major General, while 10 were Brigadiers General, representing a wealth of experience and leadership within the Nigerian Army. 

Leading the pack was Maj.-Gen. Victor Ezugwu, a respected figure known for his exemplary service and dedication to duty.

Addressing the gathering on behalf of the retirees, Maj.-Gen. Ezugwu delivered a heartfelt message, encouraging their successors to not only uphold but surpass the modest strategic, operational, and tactical achievements made during their tenure.

 He emphasized the critical role of the Infantry Corps in safeguarding Nigeria’s sovereignty, urging them to remain vigilant and proactive in the face of evolving threats.

“The frontline is expanding, and the Nigerian Army is becoming increasingly committed with the eyes of the nation and the world on it,” Ezugwu declared, highlighting the importance of maintaining readiness and preparedness at all times.

In addition to urging strategic foresight, Ezugwu called for a review of tactical and operational strategies, emphasizing the need to enhance night fighting capabilities and frontline intelligence gathering. 

He further advised the Corps to strengthen basic field crafts training, advocating for the employment of modern technology and ICT enablers to bolster their effectiveness.

 Ezugwu announced the donation of 200 books and encyclopedias to the Infantry Corps Centre and Nigerian Army School of Infantry libraries. 

Furthermore, a sum of N1 million was pledged to purchase more Corps-related books, underscoring the retirees’ commitment to nurturing the next generation of military leaders.

“As we take our final bow from active service, rest assured that my colleagues and I will continue to avail the Infantry Corps of our time, energy, and resources,” Ezugwu assured, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve the nation.

The ceremony, attended by family members, colleagues, and dignitaries, was a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by these retired generals in service to their country. 

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