55 Passengers Miraculously Survive as Aircraft Skids Off Runway At Lagos Airport

In a heart-pounding incident at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, an aircraft belonging to United Nigerian Airline, bearing registration number 5NBWY, skidded off the runway during a treacherous landing attempt in heavy rainfall. 

The harrowing episode unfolded on a Friday evening, with 55 souls onboard, including 51 passengers and four dedicated crew members.

The aircraft’s hair-raising ordeal began at approximately 6:48 p.m. as it battled adverse weather conditions while attempting to touch down. 

Witnesses described the runway excursion as a white-knuckle moment, leaving those onboard undoubtedly shaken.

A confidential source, who preferred not to be identified, disclosed that the airport authorities took swift action to temporarily close the airfield, recognizing the urgency of the situation. 

During this interval, meticulous efforts were undertaken to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members.

Remarkably, at approximately 8:10 p.m., all passengers were successfully evacuated from the affected aircraft, and, thankfully, no casualties were reported. 

The collective sigh of relief resonated through the airport as these fortunate individuals emerged unscathed from the incident.

The National Emergency Management Agency, in an official communication on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), corroborated the events. 

The agency’s statement acknowledged the challenging circumstances under which the aircraft skidded off the runway, attributing it to an exceptionally high volume of rainfall.

The post by the agency read, “A United Nigerian Airline, with registration number 5NBWY, skidded off the local runway while trying to land under a very high rainfall at about 18:48 hours. 

All passengers evacuated successfully without casualty. The airspace has been opened for operations now.

This miraculous escape underscores the importance of the aviation industry’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

The resilience and swift action of all involved parties contributed to averting a potential tragedy, leaving the passengers and crew members with an unforgettable tale of survival to tell.

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