60% Nigeria’s Electricity Consumers Bypass Meter,TCN  Raises Alarm

 The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)  has raised the alarm  that a staggering 60% of metered customers in the country are bypassing their meters. .

The announcement was made by Ali Ahmad, TCN’s General Manager, during the National Institute of Physics’ webinar series 2.0 titled “Policy, Regulatory and Technical Constraints in Achieving Energy Security in Nigeria: The Way Forward.”

Ahmad highlighted the significant challenges in achieving energy security, emphasising the limited reach of metering in the country.

He said that  out of an estimated population of 230 million, only 13,112,134 Nigerians are officially registered to use electricity, with merely 44.23% of them having meters.

Expressing concern about the nation’s energy poverty, Ahmad pointed out that, with a population of 230 million, only 2.52% have been metered.

 This widespread meter bypass is identified as a contributing factor to Nigeria’s energy poverty, exacerbating the country’s overall deficiency in energy security.

Ahmad further elaborated on the concept of energy security, emphasizing its role in sustainable development and the need for energy sovereignty and independence. 

He identified four types of energy poverty in Nigeria, including the unserved, underserved, poor quality of supply, and served categories.

The General Manager underlined Nigeria’s energy vulnerability, citing factors such as heavy reliance on gas, limited diversification, insufficient production capacity leading to dependence on imports, and unreliable, high-cost gas supply hindering energy security. 

He concluded that addressing these issues is crucial for Nigeria to achieve true energy independence and security.

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