Minimum Wage: Senators, Reps Should Also Earn N62,000 – Mbaka

Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu, has stirred controversy by suggesting that members of the National Assembly should also earn the proposed N62,000 minimum wage.

 His remarks came in response to the Federal Government’s proposal following strikes declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC).

In an interview with Africa Independent Television (AIT), Mbaka criticized the current wage disparity between ordinary Nigerian workers and political office holders. 

He argued that the nation’s leaders should share in the economic realities faced by the average citizen.

“We can push these poor Nigerians to the point of rebellion. That is my fear,” Mbaka warned, recounting a recent disruption at Lagos airport by labor unions that temporarily halted operations.

 He expressed concern that further unrest could lead to unpredictable and potentially uncontrollable outcomes.

Mbaka called for a uniform salary structure, proposing that if the minimum wage is set at N62,000, this amount should also apply to governors, senators, and members of the House of Representatives.

 “All of them are civil servants. So, are the others slaves?” he questioned, highlighting the vast income inequality between ordinary workers and high-ranking officials.

The spiritual leader decried the exorbitant allowances collected by lawmakers, including sitting allowances, wardrobe allowances, newspaper allowances, vehicle allowances, and even “suffering allowances.”

 He suggested that such benefits should instead be directed towards the impoverished masses in rural areas.

Mbaka also spotlighted the financial struggles of essential workers such as teachers, nurses, and doctors, who often work long hours for minimal pay.

“Our civil servants wake up early and return late. How much are they being paid? And look at the level of inflation in the country,” he lamented.

His statements resonate with growing public frustration over economic disparities and the perceived insensitivity of political leaders to the plight of ordinary Nigerians.


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