Abiodun’s Leadership Under Fire: Adebutu Camp Highlights Governance Failures

In a heated political exchange that has captured the attention of Ogun State, the Ladi Adebutu Development Organisation has issued a scathing critique of Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun’s leadership.

 The conflict began when Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu called for the All Progressives Congress (APC) government to adopt a more humane and people-focused approach. 

Instead of addressing these concerns, Abiodun’s response was marked by personal attacks and dismissive remarks, leading critics to question his capacity to govern effectively.

Afolabi Orekoya, the Director of Media for the Adebutu organisation, highlighted Abiodun’s failure to engage with the substantive issues raised by Adebutu.

 Instead of considering the merits of Adebutu’s call for improved governance, Abiodun’s response was characterized by what Orekoya described as “gibberish,” indicating a diminished acumen unfit for managing the state’s affairs.

Central to Adebutu’s criticism was a comparison of infrastructure projects in Ogun and Oyo States.

Orekoya said while the PDP Governor in Oyo State initiated a 77-kilometer road project on undeveloped land to address genuine needs, Abiodun’s administration has been celebrating minor road resurfacing and expansions. 

Orekoya questioned the rationale behind glorifying these minimal efforts and urged the government to acknowledge the original proponents of projects rather than claiming undue credit.

Orekoya also criticized Abiodun’s apparent naivety regarding governance processes, particularly the approval required for private individuals or entities to undertake public road construction. 

He revealed that the Adebutu family had repeatedly sought permission to develop roads over the past 12 years without receiving the necessary approvals, underscoring a significant bureaucratic hurdle.

The controversy deepened with Abiodun’s personal attack on Adebutu, whom he labeled an “overfed brat” due to his family’s wealth. 

Orekoya responded by highlighting the irony of Abiodun’s statement, noting that he himself had benefited from the Adebutu family’s generosity. 

Furthermore, Orekoya contrasted the Adebutu family’s continuous positive impact on communities and institutions with Abiodun’s perceived lack of compassion for public servants and common citizens, despite his access to public funds.

Orekoya  described Abiodun’s governance style as that of a “maximum dictator” intolerant of criticism. 

This approach, according to Orekoya, undermines democratic principles and attempts to stifle public dissent.

Orekoya dismissed the vote-buying allegations against Adebutu as politically motivated and destined to fail, much like previous attempts to discredit him.

 He reaffirmed Adebutu’s commitment to serving the people of Ogun State and expressed confidence that the truth would prevail.

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