Abuja Varsity Cleric Condemns Kaduna Bombing, Asserts Muslims’ Worth

Daud Olatunji

The Chief Imam of the University of Abuja, Professor Taofiq Adesina Azeez, on Friday, delivered a powerful message during the Friday Sermon at the Mini Campus, addressing the recent bombing in a Kaduna village that claimed the lives of hundreds of Muslims.

The sermon, titled “The Muslims  have  not lost their voice and  their blood  is not  cheap,” began with a heartfelt expression of sympathy for the brethren deliberately killed in Kaduna State. 

Professor Azeez urged divine acceptance for the victims as martyrs and their admission into Al-Janah.

However, the chief  Islamic cleric vehemently rejected the military’s assertion that the killings were a mistake.

 Pointing to a confession from a military authority, he argued that the victims were deemed collateral for the protection of an undisclosed government facility.

 Describing this explanation as an “unprofessional outburst” and a “rude and satanic vulgarity,” Professor Azeez called for immediate punitive action, emphasizing the gravity of the situation as a security concern requiring attention from all relevant authorities.

Drawing attention to a breach of military protocol, the cleric highlighted that the army typically ensures a hundred percent assurance of civilian safety before undertaking any strike. He alleged a deliberate deviation from this norm, despite the advice of the Air Force, underscoring the intentional nature of the tragic event.

In a stern warning to authorities, Professor Azeez asserted that Muslims have not lost their voices and emphasized the value of Muslim blood. 

He questioned the potential repercussions if the Chief of Defence Staff were a Muslim from Kaduna State, highlighting a perceived double standard in responding to tragedies affecting different religious communities.

The chief cleric concluded with a declaration that Muslims have choices but are patiently awaiting divine intervention. 

The underlying message was clear: justice and accountability are demanded for the lives lost in the Kafuna bombing, and the Muslim community will not remain silent in the face of such tragedy.


“We commiserate with our brethren deliberately killed by a section of the Nigerian Military in Kaduna State. We ask Allaah to accept them as matyres and admit them into Al-Janah.

“However, we reject the devious excuse that the killing was a mistake on many grounds. One is the confession of a military authority to the effect that they were collateral for the protection of an undisclosed government facility. 

“Apart from this unprofessional outburst being a rude and satanic vulgarity meant to dare us and poke our noses, it is a security issue deserving of immediate punitive action by all authorities concerned.

“Secondly, we know, on good authority, that the army does not strike without a hundred percent assurance of safety of civilians while this action was taken in spiteful deviance of the advice of the Air force. It is, therefore, deliberate as previously disclosed.

“We, hereby, warn the relevant authorities to take note of the fact that the Muslims have not lost their voices and our blood is not as cheap as anyone might think. We imagine what would have happened to Nigeria if the CDS were to be a Muslim from Kaduna State. We wonder what would have been the fate of a Muslim Chief of Army Staff from the North while this tragedy befall some christians during a night vigil.

“We have choices, but we are patiently waiting on Allaah.A word is quite sufficient for the wise.”



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