Abuja Woman Seeks  End To 26-Year  Marriage Over Lack of Love 

A  mother of five, Safiya Yusuf, has appeared before the Upper Area Court in Kubwa, Abuja, asking  for the dissolution of her 26-year-old long-standing marriage.

With tears in her eyes, she laid bare her heart, expressing a profound desire to break free from what she described as a “loveless” union with her husband of twenty-six years, Muhammed Kusa.

Yusuf recounted the journey of her marriage, which began in November 1998 under the solemn rites of Islamic law.

 However, as time passed, the once-cherished affection between the couple seemed to wane, leaving Yusuf feeling isolated and emotionally unfulfilled. 

She lamented the absence of love and affection in their relationship, compelling her to take the difficult step of seeking legal separation.

Contrary to Yusuf’s sentiments, Kusa, the respondent in the case, professed his enduring love for his wife. 

In a heartfelt plea, he expressed his willingness to reconcile and implored the court for time to resolve any existing disputes. 

He cited previous family mediations and indicated a readiness for further dialogue to salvage their marriage.

However, Yusuf maintained her stance, asserting that their families had not engaged in prior discussions concerning their marital issues. 

She expressed reluctance towards familial intervention, emphasizing her desire for an independent resolution to the matter.

Presiding over the case, Judge Mohammed Wakili extended words of counsel to the respondent, urging him to earnestly pursue reconciliation with his estranged wife. 

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Wakili adjourned the proceedings until May 9, allowing for either a hearing or a report of settlement.

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