ADC Announces New Acting State Chairmen In Ogun, Ekiti States Amidst Strategic Reshuffling

In a strategic move aimed at reinforcing its political positioning for future elections, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has announced new acting state chairmen for Ogun and Ekiti States. 

The announcement came from the national chairman of ADC, representing the decision of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

During the NWC and NEC meeting held on 13th September 2023, the resolutions were made in response to the unfolding dynamics within the party. 

The decisions were influenced by the outcome of the report submitted by the disciplinary committee and the defection of some party executives to other political parties in power after the general election.

Mr. Adekolu Oludare has been appointed as the acting state chairman of ADC in Ekiti State, while Mr. Itunu Abioro assumes the role of acting state chairman in Ogun State. 

The appointments are part of a comprehensive effort to strategically position the ADC for upcoming electoral battles.

The move is seen as crucial in the face of recent challenges within the party, including the need to address disciplinary issues and cope with the departure of some executives to rival political parties.

 The ADC aims to strengthen its internal structure, foster unity, and create a more resilient platform capable of facing future electoral contests.

The new acting state chairmen are expected to bring fresh perspectives and leadership to their respective states, fostering a renewed sense of commitment among party members. 

The ADC leadership believes that these appointments will contribute significantly to the party’s overall rejuvenation and its ability to navigate the political landscape effectively.

As the ADC charts a course for the future, these changes are viewed as instrumental in solidifying the party’s standing and ensuring that it remains a formidable force in the political arena. 

The dynamics surrounding the reshuffling underscore the party’s commitment to adaptability and strategic planning as it positions itself for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving political landscape.


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