Adeleke Declares No Extension For Retiring Permanent Secretaries

In a recent announcement, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State affirmed his stance against approving extensions of tenure for retiring permanent secretaries.

 The clarification, made by the Governor through his spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, addresses concerns raised by recent reports alleging the elongation of service personnel tenure.

Governor Adeleke emphasized his commitment to ongoing civil service reforms aimed at ensuring career progression and satisfaction for all personnel. 

The statement highlights the Governor’s role in launching reforms that facilitated the proper placement of top officials, leading to the appointment of substantive Permanent Secretaries who had previously lost hope of reaching the pinnacle of their careers.

“The public is reminded that Governor Adeleke is determined to enforce career progression in the state public service,” the statement read.

 It categorically stated that there are no plans to approve extensions for retiring Permanent Secretaries, further reinforcing the Governor’s dedication to the reform agenda.

The statement clarified that any previous extensions were part of a strategy to consolidate ongoing service reforms, emphasizing their temporary nature. 

It pointed out that such extensions are not a state policy and are specifically designed to strengthen the public service during the reform’s early stages.

Governor Adeleke urged public servants to continue their normal duties, assuring them that the administration would not make decisions detrimental to their career progression and service interests. 

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