Afenifere Demands Immediate Action On Terrorism, Restructuring

The Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere,has  issued a stern directive to President Bola Tinubu on Monday, emphasizing the imperative need to combat terrorism and institute significant changes in the country’s governance.

Afenifere emphasized  the urgency for President Tinubu to demonstrate unwavering political will and courage in eradicating the menace of terrorists who have been causing havoc across the nation.

The group expressed concerns about the safety of innocent civilians, particularly school children, and urged the president not to handle the matter with the leniency demonstrated by his predecessor.

The organization called on Tinubu to initiate the restructuring of the country, advocating for a return to regional government under a parliamentary system. Afenifere supported Tinubu’s recent endorsement of state police and urged him to ensure its implementation.

In a joint statement by its Publicity Secretary and Assistant, Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo and Justice Faloye, Afenifere also criticized the economic challenges under President Tinubu’s administration. They highlighted the drastic devaluation of the local currency, the naira, by 35% within the first nine months of his presidency, labeling it a historic and devastating occurrence.

Afenifere referenced recent tragic events, including the killings in Plateau and the abduction of school children in Kaduna, attributing them to agents of destabilization testing the resolve of President Tinubu. The group warned against the repetition of patterns seen in previous administrations, where such acts led to political upheavals.

The socio-political organization pointed out that terrorists known to the government have committed heinous acts, yet the authorities have not taken decisive action. They drew attention to claims made by various figures, including Retired Commodore Olawunmi and the former Attorney General Abubakar Malami, regarding lists of perpetrators and sponsors of terrorism. Afenifere criticized the lack of legal action against these individuals.

The group urged President Tinubu to break the cycle of inaction and bring the perpetrators to justice. They reminded him of the open letter from the Southern and MiddleBelt Leaders Forum, urging him not to be a passive leader but to act decisively against terrorism.

Finally, Afenifere emphasized the need for tangible change, calling for a return to the parliamentary system of government and regionalism as a solution to the ongoing challenges facing Nigeria. They urged President Tinubu to lead the country toward a dignified and secure future.

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