After 16 Years, ALGON Disburses Equipment To Abandoned Hospital In Ogun

Fawaz Adebisi

The Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON) has come under fire for disbursing outdated and vandalized equipment to a health center that has been abandoned for 16 years in Olomore community, Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The equipment, which was part of a federal government project awarded in 2007, was delivered to the health center on Monday by a contractor, Mathan Nigeria Limited.

Seeing the equipment, the chairman of Abeokuta North Local Government, Prince Samson Ayorinde, expressed shock and disappointment at its state as well as the building, which he said were not fit for use.

In his words, Ayorinde said that he had no inventory of what should be brought adding that the local government was not aware the equipment would be delivered “today”.

He therefore stressed that the contractor did not deserve any payment, lamenting that awarding 774 project to one company from Abuja was wrong.

To safeguard the dilapidated health center, he said that he had arranged for security personnel, in collaboration with the community, to guard the place in order to avoid the equipment being stolen.

“Unfortunately, we don’t even have an inventory of what should be brought. But at least, let us take ownership of what they brought, go through it if it is right. So that tomorrow they won’t say they’ve handed over a world class equipment, building to us,” Ayorinde said.

Highlights of the materials disbursed are; Tables (135x76x76cm), Top Plywood With Capping Wood, Leg 2″ S3 Wood, Left-2 Drawers With Key, Armchairs (60x60cm), Wood-(2″x 2), Seat And Back Padded With Black Leatherette, Benches-6ft, Sitting-18″, Wood-1″x3″, Seat And Back Padded With Black Leatherette, Plastic Chairs, KVA John Holt Generator With Sound Proof, among others.

The contractor’s representative, Hon Ayodele Adeyinka, said that the contract was awarded during Obasanjo regime and that he was only responsible for bringing the materials to where they have constructed already.

Adeyinka blamed the local government for not taking care of the building and allowing it to be vandalized.

He said that he was called unexpectedly, on Saturday, to bring down the materials, adding that he was surprised to see the place bushy and vandalized.

He stressed that this project was being handled by ALGON.

“You can see the description on some of the materials, 2007. The project was awarded to a particular contractor, and I think it was given to someone else to finish up, and that’s the person that has done this beautiful edifice for Olomore community,” Adeyinka said.

The residents of Olomore community have however expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and called on the relevant authorities to intervene and provide them with a functional health center.

The Public Relations Officer of the Community Development Council (CDC), and the LG supervisor for works, Hon Kabir Ayoola, said that they were not carried along in the process stressing that they only learned about it on Monday.

Ayoola added that they had been working on the project, even though it wasn’t officially handed over to them, since they have come into office.

He therefore lamented how they found most of the equipment obsolete and covered with dust.

However, he said that they would receive it and do whatever they needed to do over it but that they were not happy with the shoddy job done by the contractor.

He said that they were doing the weeding and everything to kick start the development and that they would employ security men to safeguard the equipment.

“We have been working on it, because, it is a project that was donated by ALGON. But, they never carried us along, they are just doing the handing over today. Even, in respect of all these equipment, if not for the community, we are not going to be aware of what is going on,” Ayoola stated.

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