Aggrieved Kano Youths Boo Emir Sanusi After Eid Prayer

Daud Olatunji


The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, faced a hostile reception from some residents as he made his way back to his palace following the Eid prayers on Sunday.

The incident, which occurred around Festival Primary School and the Zage/Zango areas, involved a group of aggrieved individuals who booed the Emir’s entourage.

Sources from PLATFORM TIMES confirmed the incident, describing the participants as “misguided persons.” 

This unexpected disruption marred the otherwise solemn and celebratory atmosphere of the Eid festivities.

The Kano State Police Command has expressed its displeasure over the development, characterising the action as unacceptable. 

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abdullahi Kiyawa, released a statement on Monday addressing the incident. 

He explained that the booing occurred when Emir Sanusi deviated from his usual route home, adhering to a religious obligation that led him through different parts of the city.

“Currently, we are monitoring the entire Sallah events to ensure law and order are maintained. 

Adequate security measures are in place to tackle any form of security threats,” Kiyawa stated. 

He emphasized the commitment of the police to maintain peace throughout the celebrations.

The police command issued a stern warning to individuals contemplating any actions that could disrupt the peace during the Sallah celebration. 

They highlighted that security personnel had been deployed strategically to prevent any form of chaos or disturbance. 

The statement also warned the public against carrying weapons during and after the celebrations, with severe penalties promised for violators.

“Rigorous stop-and-search operations and patrols are ongoing in all local government areas in the metropolitan area to ensure a peaceful celebration,” the statement read.

The booing incident has raised concerns about underlying tensions within the community. 


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