Alaafin stool: Go and enjoy your old age, leave the stool for younger generation, Lekan Salman tells Ayo Ladigbolu

One of the contestants for the Alaafin stool, Prince Lekan Salman has tackled Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu over the claim that he was the anointed candidate as the next Alaafin of Oyo.

Salman in a statement made available to newsmen on Sunday, described the purported endorsement of Ayo Ladigbolu as an imagination that can never be true.

Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu had in a video trending on social media claimed that the Ladigbolu ruling house announced him as a consensus candidate.

He also claimed that he had been in the palace for ages and had the best experience of taking over as the next Alaafin.

But Salman in the statement insisted that nobody endorsed Ayo Ladigbolu to be the next Alaafin.

The top contender described Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu as “an enemy of progress who only wants everything to be about him.”

While noting that a selfish person should not take over the throne, Salman noted that there is a need for a younger person to be the next Alaafin.

He added, “For the man to claim as the best candidate at the age of 85, he doesn’t want progress for our land

“The man spent his prime age on the pulpit. And retired gloriously, let him pray for the emergency of the best king in our land as a father, not as a contestant

“What actually happens is that there is a rule that says that anybody whose father is alive cannot become king.

“It was two of his sons that first expressed interest, but when he heard about that condition was why he withdrew his children’s names and replaced them with his own.

“It is not also true that he was the anointed candidate of the ruling house. It was his family that anointed him and not the whole ruling house where we have different families.

“If he was the anointed candidate like he claimed, nobody in the ruling house would collect form that they actually want to contest.

“One of his claims that he spent several years in the palace is not true and irrelevant. When he was with the late Alaafin, what was the benefit for us the Ladigbolu ruling house? How many people in the family did he assist?

“He is self-centered and he is selfish was why he is contesting. He just wants everything to be about him.”

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