Alafin Stool : Nine Royal Families Warn Makinde Against Selection

The Oyo State governor ,Seyi Makinde has been cautioned against the selection of new Alafin of Oyo without due process

Nine of the 11 families within the Atiba lineage gave the warning following the court cases pending over the selection process of new Alafin .

Addressing newsmen ,Prince Afolabi Adesina from the Adeitan Royal Family who spoke on behalf of the nine ruling houses, urged the governor not to approve the new monarch until the cases in court were settled.

He implored the governor to refrain from taking any further action regarding the selection of a new Alaafin until the court case that had been filed against the Chieftaincy Declaration of the Alaafin was resolved.

According to him, it would be unfair to appoint a new Alaafin while the court cases were pending.

‘’It is important that the governor recognises the significance of the traditional institution and ensures that a fair and just process is followed in selecting the next Alaafin.

“It is crucial that these guidelines are adhered to, and any decision regarding the appointment of an Alaafin is made based on the provisions of this declaration.

“Therefore, it is important for the state government to maintain the status quo and respect the autonomy of the traditional institution until the court case is resolved.

“This will not only ensure a smooth transition process but also serve as a testament to the governor’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and promoting justice and equity in the state.

“It is essential that the governor prioritize the resolution of the court case before any action is taken with regard to the appointment of a new Alaafin. This will ensure that the process is transparent, fair, and just, as required by the law.

“It is time to put an end to the years of discrimination that has plagued the selection of the Alaafin of Oyo in the past. The nine Atiba children have been marginalized for too long, and it is only fair that they are given a chance to ascend the throne. We urge the governor to make history by selecting the new king from the nine Atiba children.

“As a government that values justice and equality, we implore the governor to act in the interest of the people and uphold the findings of the competence commission of enquiry into the stool of Alaafin.

“This will not only promote equity and fairness but also help to foster unity and inclusiveness in the community,” Adesina.’’

It would be recalled that two families of the 11 families within the Atiba lineage have been ruling without allowing the other nine to attain the stool of their forefathers.

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