Alarming Rise In Out-of-School Children Sparks Concern Among Ogun Residents

Israel Adeleke

Residents of Ogun State’s capital city, Abeokuta, are sounding the alarm over the distressing surge in the number of children out of school, raising concerns about the long-term implications for both the state’s development and security.

Mrs. Oyindamola Ademola, a concerned resident, highlighted the various factors contributing to the rising number of out-of-school children in the state. 

Ademola pointed out that disillusionment with the education sector and disturbing incidents like inappropriate advances by educators were causing students to abandon their studies.

Ademola cited a personal case, where her friend Tofunmi Adejare refused a lecturer’s inappropriate advances and subsequently faced academic victimization. 

Tofunmi received a carryover grade in the same course three times, ultimately leading her to drop out of school, convinced that “school is a scam.”

These incidents, Ademola argued, deter potential students when they hear such stories. 

She also criticized the government’s failure to fulfill its promise of free education, as many parents still struggle to afford school uniforms and textbooks.

Olowokokere Tajudeen, another resident, echoed these concerns, emphasizing that poverty was a significant barrier to education in the state. 

He recounted the heartbreaking story of a neighbor who could no longer send her children to school due to financial difficulties, even though they were enrolled in public schools.

Tajudeen noted that one of the children had dropped out to work as a night guard to support their family. 

He stressed the need for the government to provide school uniform materials, textbooks, and job opportunities to address this pressing issue.

Aina Olabimpe, yet another resident, urged the government to take immediate action to address the growing crisis of children dropping out of school. She emphasized the potential future threat posed by this alarming trend.

Mr. Adetokun, an ex-teacher in the state, shed light on additional reasons for the high number of out-of-school children, including orphanhood, parental neglect, and the lack of accessible public schools in rural areas.

 He also noted that some parents preferred sending their children to work rather than school.

Adetokun called upon the state government and stakeholders to urgently address the issue by providing free and compulsory education, constructing more schools and classrooms, employing qualified teachers, and ensuring the safety and welfare of students.

The plight of these out-of-school children in Ogun State has sparked a clarion call for immediate intervention to secure their future and the state’s development.

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