Alarming Spike in Violence Grips Nigeria – Over 10,000 Lives Lost, 3,161 Abducted In 10 Months

Daud Olatunji

A harrowing report from Beacon Consulting, an Abuja-based security risk management and intelligence consulting company, reveals a staggering toll on Nigerian lives.

The 2023 Nigeria Security Report exposes a grim reality, with no fewer than 7,472 people losing their lives and 3,161 abduction cases recorded across the country from January to October.

The monthly breakdown is as follows: 749 Nigerians killed in January; 624 in February; 961 in March; 707 in April; 679 in May; 854 in June; 552 in July; 638 in August; 581 in September, and a shocking 1,127 killed in October. Simultaneously, the report shows 208 abductions in January; 173 in February; 411 in March; 302 in April; 168 in May; 239 in June; 329 in July; 369 in August; 344 in September, and 518 people abducted in October.

The dire situation was underscored by a recent incident on November 1, 2023, where at least 40 people lost their lives in Yobe State.

Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked villagers, shooting and triggering a landmine, marking the first major assault on the north-eastern state in 18 months.

Chief Executive Officer of Beacon Intel and security expert, Dr. Kabir Adamu, addressed the escalating insecurity, urging both federal and state governments to tackle the root causes. 

Dr. Adamu specifically pointed to the need to address weak state institutions, drug addiction, socio-economic grievances, poverty, unemployment, climate change effects, and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

Security expert Oladele Fajana highlighted the emergence of new waves of crimes, affecting every geopolitical zone in the country. Fajana expressed concern over the rise in ritual killings due to a “get-rich-quick” mentality, an increase in kidnappings, and a growing number of arrests of rapists.

 He recommended increased government investment in drones as a strategic measure to combat the prevailing insecurity.

As Nigeria grapples with these alarming statistics, the urgent call for comprehensive and strategic interventions becomes ever more pressing, demanding immediate action to safeguard the lives and well-being of its citizens.


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