Anambra Govt Threatens  Errant Filling Stations, Warns of Closure Over Price Hikes, Product Adulteration

In a bid to protect consumers from exploitation and ensure fair practices in the petroleum sector, the Anambra State Government has issued a stern warning to petroleum marketers regarding price hikes, product adulteration, and meter tampering.

The Commissioner for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Anthony Ifeanya, reiterated the government’s commitment to monitoring filling stations rigorously and taking decisive action against offenders. 

Reports have surfaced indicating that some stations are selling petrol at exorbitant prices, reaching up to N970 per liter, while also engaging in illicit practices such as adulteration and meter tampering.

The government has vowed to curb these activities through strict enforcement measures and the imposition of legal consequences on violators. 

This crackdown comes in response to numerous complaints from consumers regarding tampered meters and fuel quality issues. 

Observations have revealed a scarcity of petroleum products in the state, leading to a significant increase in transportation fares.

On Sunday, May 12, it was observed that most filling stations were either not selling the product or facing high demand from motorists and other users. 

This surge in demand has resulted in transportation fares skyrocketing by over 100%, with passengers now paying N300 for journeys that previously cost N150.

Investigations further revealed that many filling stations operating in Onitsha, Nnewi, Ekwulobia, Obosi, and certain parts of Awka are selling petrol above the regulated price of N970 per liter.

 However, it is worth noting that NNPC facilities continue to offer petrol at lower, more reasonable prices.

The Anambra State Government’s proactive stance against errant filling stations demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that consumers are not exploited and that fair practices are upheld in the petroleum sector. 

The warning serves as a clear signal to petroleum marketers to adhere to regulations and prioritize the welfare of consumers. 

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