Angry Mob Burns Suspected Child Trafficker To Death  In Niger

In a shocking turn of events, a suspected child trafficker met a gruesome fate as he was set ablaze by an enraged mob in Lapai, the administrative headquarters of Lapai Local Government area in Niger state. 


The incident unfolded just moments before the Jumma’t prayer last Friday, casting a dark shadow over the community.


The suspect, identified as Dule Sakon Kano, was taken into custody with two innocent children, their ages ranging between four and five years old.


 Startlingly, during a brief interrogation conducted by the furious mob, Kano confessed to his involvement in a disturbing ritualistic network. 


He disclosed that he had been actively supplying stolen children to an ominous “master” within the vicinity, shedding light on a chilling and long-standing conspiracy.


For months, Lapai and its surroundings have been plagued by a series of unexplained child disappearances, leaving families and the community in a state of distress and fear. 


However, this time, the tables turned as fate intervened, and the suspect’s actions were finally laid bare.


The two young girls in his possession were on a seemingly innocent errand to purchase household items from a local shop at approximately 1:30 pm. 


Little did they know that this trip would bring them face-to-face with their abductor. 


An eyewitness, who recounted the horrifying events leading up to Kano’s demise, stated that the suspect had unabashedly admitted his involvement in the crime.


 He admitted that he was en route to deliver the helpless children to his “agent” when he was intercepted by the incensed residents.


Years of pent-up anger and frustration over the relentless child abductions culminated in a vigilante response by the community. 


The absence of any meaningful intervention from law enforcement further fueled their anger. Upon discovering Kano’s sinister intentions, the crowd’s fury was unleashed. 


The suspect attempted to flee, but his escape was thwarted when he was apprehended near the Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) along the burial ground road.


Dragging him through the town’s streets, the mob’s rage reached its peak, and the inevitable fate awaited Kano. 


His life ended in a grim spectacle as the mob set him ablaze, reducing his body to ashes. 


By the time local police arrived at the scene, the crowd had dispersed, leaving behind a charred reminder of their vigilante justice.


The shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the underlying tensions and fears that can consume a community grappling with the loss of its youngest members. 


As investigations unfold and authorities grapple with the aftermath, the story of Dule Sakon Kano and his grim end will forever remain a haunting chapter in Lapai’s history.

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