Angry Mob Overpowers Police, Kills Man In Bauchi For Alleged Blasphemy

A young man identified only as Yunusa was killed by an irate mob in Nasaru village, located in Ningi local government area of Bauchi State, over allegations of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The incident occured on Wednesday after Yunusa allegedly made blasphemous remarks during a heated argument with his friends. 

The argument, which drew the attention of bystanders, reportedly escalated quickly.

Witnesses say that Yunusa, a member of the Faira Islamic Sect, was heard making insulting comments about the Prophet.

 “Some young men challenged Yunusa to withdraw his statement, but he insisted he would not. 

He even repeated it. That was when they started beating him,” one witness recounted.

As the situation deteriorated, police operatives were dispatched to rescue Yunusa.

 However, they were overwhelmed by the mob, which employed stones, sticks, and other objects to assault him fatally. 

Despite the police’s efforts to protect him, they were unable to contain the crowd’s fury.

Further reports indicate that the mob’s anger extended to the local police station, which they attempted to set on fire when officers tried to shield Yunusa there. 

The exact details of the confrontation and the subsequent attack on the police station remain unclear.

As of the time of this report, the police have yet to release an official statement regarding the incident. 

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