ARD FMC, Abeokuta Commends Completion of State-Of-The-Art Medical Facility

Daud Olatunji 

In a moment of celebration and gratitude, the President of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Dr. Tope Osundara, has expressed heartfelt appreciation for the completion of a new medical facility, known as the “call duty block,” which he described as a significant milestone for the healthcare community.

Addressing a gathering of medical professionals and stakeholders, Dr. Osundara  emphasized  the importance of the day, calling it “special” and asserting that it deserved celebration.

He underlined the importance of the new facility for doctors, highlighting its potential to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided.

Dr. Osundara extended his gratitude on behalf of the executives and congress members of ARD FMCA to the hospital’s leadership, led by Prof. Adewale Musa Olomu.


He acknowledged the support and dedication of the hospital’s leadership and the positive impact it has had on ARD members.

He went on to express gratitude from both the current leadership of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) and the NARD South West Caucus for the outstanding work done for ARD FMCA members.

The Presidents of ARD at OOUTH and NPH Abeokuta were also present and expressed their admiration for the new facility, pledging to replicate the commitment to welfare in their respective institutions.


The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) Chairman and members also commended the achievement, highlighting the exceptional work and satisfaction they found in the new medical block.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Chairman, Ogun State, Dr. Kunle Ashimi  recognized the groundbreaking nature of the project and praised it as a model for other hospitals to follow.

Dr. Osundara paid tribute to the extraordinary leadership of the hospital, emphasizing their daily commitment to serving ARD members.

He predicted that this dedication to service and the improved convenience for doctors would leave a lasting legacy for years to come.


Dr. Osundara praised Prof. Musa Olomu, the Medical Director of FMCA, as a purpose-driven leader who listened to the needs of the medical community.

He credited Prof. Olomu for pursuing excellence and making the call duty block a blueprint for future healthcare infrastructure.

The Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Abeokuta, Prof. Musa Adewale Olomu, advised stakeholders to works towards addressing the increasing “japa syndrome” among medical professionals in Nigeria.

He emphasized the urgent need to retain doctors and medical specialists in Nigeria.

He stated, “I believe what is causing the ‘japa syndrome’ is that people are not well taken care of, and that is why we are starting it here right from the care of our doctors when they are in training before they become specialists or consultants.”

He continued to stress that providing a supportive and secure environment is crucial to retaining medical talent in the country.

“When they know what the country is ready to offer them, at least it may not be equal to what they are likely to enjoy when they are abroad, but they are likely to stay back.

Nobody wants to leave their area of jurisdiction or their country,” Prof. Olomu explained.

The ‘Call to Duty’ block, which is part of the FMC Abeokuta, is designed to provide a comprehensive support system for doctors, especially during their training and early career stages.

Prof. Olomu believes that by improving the conditions and incentives for medical professionals, more of them will choose to remain in Nigeria, serving their communities.

Responding to questions about the shortage of doctors, Prof. Olomu reassured that efforts were being made to address this issue.

He mentioned, “We will still get the approval to employ, and I think in the next one week we should be able to get it from the head of service in Abuja.”

While fielding questions from journalists,  Prof. Olomu shed light on the seven billion naira allocation for various equipment and resources.

He explained that the federal government had initiated an intervention program, and FMC Abeokuta was fortunate to be included among the specialist hospitals benefiting from this program.

This investment aims to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided by the center and supports their mission to retain and attract medical professionals.

The inauguration of the ‘Call to Duty’ block and the commitment to providing better working conditions for medical professionals at FMC Abeokuta underscore the importance of improving the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

As the government continues to prioritize investments in healthcare infrastructure and personnel, it is hoped that more doctors will choose to stay and contribute to the country’s healthcare system, thereby reducing the “japa syndrome”


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