ASLIN 2023 Convention Advocates For Sign Language As Official Language For Deaf In Nigeria

In a groundbreaking three-day convention, the Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria (ASLIN) made an impassioned plea for the recognition of Sign Language as the official language for the Deaf in Nigeria.

The convention, held under the theme “Sign Language Interpreting as a Catalyst for Socio-economic Inclusion of the Deaf,” brought together professionals, advocates, and Deaf individuals in a transformative and enlightening event.

ASLIN, known for its commitment to professionalism and capacity building, organized the convention to keep its members updated on international standards and the evolving landscape of sign language development.

The event was highly anticipated and set the stage for discussions that could change the lives of the Deaf community in Nigeria.

Addressing the gathering, ASLIN’s President, Timothy Tinat, and renowned international experts like Debra Russel from Canada, Anthony Aramburo, and Cynthia Norman from the USA, passionately underscored the pivotal role interpreters play in breaking linguistic and socio-economic barriers.

They emphasized the need for Sign Language Interpreters to embrace creativity and innovation.

The convention featured an array of lectures and seminars that thoroughly explored the multifaceted aspects of sign language interpreting.

Participants, whether physically present or virtual, engaged in discussions ranging from leadership training to interpreting online services.

The resounding consensus was a strong advocacy for Sign Language as the official language for the Deaf in Nigeria.

ASLIN’s 2023 Convention not only sparked meaningful dialogue but also charted a clear path for sign language interpreters, Deaf individuals, and their allies to collaborate.

Their aim is to transform the theme into a tangible reality, paving the way for socio-economic inclusion and a brighter future for the Deaf community across the nation.

This historic event may well be the catalyst for change that has long been awaited by the Deaf community in Nigeria.


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