Baba Ara’s Brother Reveals Long-Held Secrets Surrounding  Mysterious Demise After Two Decades

Daud Olatunji

In a shocking revelation, the younger brother of the late gospel singer, Roland Olubukola Olomola, widely known as ‘Baba Ara,’ has come forward with chilling details surrounding the artist’s tragic death. 

Tunde Olomola, who  said he accompanied his elder brother to numerous musical shows, disclosed that Baba Ara was not only poisoned but also subjected to a spiritual attack, leading to his demise in 2004.

 Tunde was featured on an interview session monitored by PLATFORM TIMES on Saturday .

As Tunde reminisces about his late brother’s final moments, he recalls the ominous warning given by Baba Ara himself, cautioning him to be wary of those around him. 

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the  artist, a musical evangelist, had a penchant for advising people to tread softly and embrace the inevitability of death in their daily lives.

Baba Ara’s untimely death at the age of 42, occurring on August 31st, 2004, at Lamy Hospital in Ojota after a brief illness, left many questions unanswered. 

Tunde reveals that his brother, before going  for  a trip to European countries, was injected with slow poison, setting off a chain of events that eventually claimed his life.

The plot thickens as Tunde recounts incidents leading to Baba Ara’s demise. 

He said that the  late artist, haunted by a prophecy predicting his premature death, frequently fell ill and experienced unsettling dreams of his own demise. 

Tunde discloses a chilling encounter in Abeokuta, where an old drunk man foretold Baba Ara’s fame but also predicted a short life, leaving the artist visibly troubled.

He added that the poison and spiritual attack were allegedly orchestrated by individuals close to Baba Ara.

 Tunde sheds light on the struggles his brother faced, dispelling rumours of drug use and AIDS. 

PLATFORM TIMES further gathered that despite accusations, Baba Ara pressed on, fulfilling musical commitments abroad with a reduced entourage due to his declining health.

In a poignant moment, Tunde reveals his brother’s last words, spoken in a moment of clarity amidst his sickness. 

Baba Ara, according to Tunde, realising that some friends were actually enemies, cautioned him  to be vigilant. 

These words became hauntingly prophetic as Baba Ara succumbed to his illness, leaving Tunde to grapple with the weight of his brother’s  death.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that Tunde Olomola’s account provides a rare glimpse into the life and challenges faced by Baba Ara, a musician who reluctantly embraced his calling.

 From humble beginnings discovered by Yemi Sodimu, Baba Ara’s journey in the music industry unfolded with unique percussion, beats, and sounds that captivated audiences.

As Tunde reflects on Baba Ara’s life, he reveals that his brother’s unwillingness to become a musician was met with consequences every time he attempted to escape his destiny. 

PLATFORM TIMES observed that the  revelation opens a window into the complexities of Baba Ara’s life, shedding light on the darkness that surrounded his final days, two decades after his mysterious demise.

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