Babcock University VC Urges Journalists To Prioritize National Peace 

Daud Olatunji

 The Vice Chancellor of Babcock University, Prof. Ademola Tayo, delivered a compelling message to media practitioners during the institution’s annual media parley on Saturday night. 

Emphasizing the pivotal role journalists play in shaping national narratives, Prof. Tayo urged them to prioritize the promotion of national peace and development in their reporting.

Highlighting the sensitive nature of journalism, the Vice Chancellor stressed the responsibility that comes with the privilege of freedom of expression. “You must strive always to put the peace, unity, and development of our country first in your reporting,” he declared.

Recognizing the significant impact media actions can have on the nation, he called for circumspection and discretion in handling certain issues.

“Your actions could have significant impacts on our country,” Prof. Tayo said, urging journalists to adhere to ethical standards such as truthfulness, objectivity, accuracy, fairness, and accountability.

He underscored the importance of familiarizing themselves with principles governing their profession and adhering to legal frameworks that regulate media practices.

The Vice Chancellor also cautioned against fueling hate or inciting violence through reporting, emphasizing the need for responsible journalism. “You must avoid any situation that may lead to potential conflicts of interest. Be objective and transparent in your reporting,” he advised.

Addressing the relationship between journalists and politicians or business moguls, Prof. Tayo urged a review when accusations arise.

He highlighted the moral and ethical commitment journalists have to maintaining integrity and avoiding situations that could compromise their objectivity.

Mr. Mojeed Alabi, Chairman of the Education Writers Association of Nigeria (EWAN), echoed the importance of journalism’s impact on society.

Commending Babcock University’s management for fostering a positive relationship, he assured that EWAN members understand the significance of their calling and remain committed to making a positive impact without compromising their integrity.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Tayo urged journalists to wield their power wisely, fostering a discourse that leads to national development and peaceful co-existence. “Report the news with the aim of bringing people together rather than fanning the embers of discord,” he concluded.


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