Big Win For Lecturers To Convert Academic Content To Life Time Assets

.... As Platform Offers Opportunity To Set Up Personalized Class

Daud Olatunji

In a landmark development for lecturers, coaches, and content creators across Africa, Mobile Classroom Limited has significantly upgraded its Mobile Classroom App.

The new feature, MyClass, is designed to allow educators to create, upload, and preserve their academic and intellectual content, thus providing an avenue for generating income even while they sleep.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the MyClass feature on the Mobile Classroom App empowers lecturers, executive coaches, and other content creators to set up personalised class spaces.

Basit Sowole, the Media Manager of the project, said these spaces enable the lecturers and others to upload a variety of materials, including audio, video, and PDF documents, which students can access from anywhere in the world.

He added that this innovation not only provides a steady income stream but also ensures that their intellectual assets contribute to generational wealth for their families.

According to Sowole, this initiative is a revolutionary step towards financial stability for educators.

“It has happened in the music industry with Spotify and in the movie industry with Netflix, Prime Video, and Showmax.

MyClass on Mobile Classroom App is a game changer for lecturers,” Sowole said.
He explained that the platform offers two types of classes: regular and premium. In the premium option, class owners can set their own price, while the regular classes have a fixed price.

This flexibility allows educators to monetize their content effectively, reaching students far beyond their physical classrooms.

Moreover, MyClass provides a unique opportunity for lecturers to expand their reach internationally.

“ Students from other institutions and countries can now access and appreciate the expertise of African lecturers, similar to the global impact seen in the music industry.

“The platform also features a partner referral system, where users can generate a referral ID code and earn from every subscription linked to that code.

“This adds another layer of potential income, as class owners can promote their courses through various channels.
“Once a class is set up, owners can continually update it with new topics and materials.

“This ensures that the content remains relevant and valuable for students. Subscribers can join classes by searching for the class name or focus, making the process user-friendly and accessible.”

For learners, the process of joining a class is straightforward. They can search for classes, view available materials, and subscribe with ease.

The platform also facilitates communication between students and educators via WhatsApp, enhancing the learning experience.

The MyClass feature is accessible through the Mobile Classroom App, which can be downloaded from the Playstore, Apple Store, or directly from their website:
This accessibility ensures that educators and students across Africa and beyond can benefit from this innovative tool.

In summary, the enhanced Mobile Classroom App is a significant development for the education sector in Africa.

By enabling lecturers and content creators to monetize their intellectual assets, it not only provides a stable income but also ensures that their contributions to education create lasting wealth for future generations.

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