Bill For State Police Passes Second Reading In House Of Representatives

The House of Representatives on Tuesday,  passed the second reading of a bill advocating for the establishment of State Police across the 36 states of Nigeria.

 Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker and sponsor of the bill, emphasized the urgency of this move in light of the prevailing security challenges facing the nation.

Kalu, who represents Bende Federal Constituency of Abia State, conveyed the pivotal nature of the proposed legislation through a post on his social media handle. 

He highlighted the pressing need for State Police to address local security issues effectively.

The proposed constitutional alteration seeks to shift policing authority from the Exclusive to the Concurrent Legislative List, granting states control over policing.

 The bill introduces a comprehensive framework for coordination, accountability, and uniform standards between Federal and State Police, with safeguards against undue Federal interference. 

Additionally, it envisions the establishment of distinct State Police Service Commissions, defining their roles and jurisdictions.

The Senate, acknowledging the gravity of the security situation, expressed readiness to review the 1999 Constitution to incorporate state police as a measure to combat insecurity. 

Notably, during a meeting with state governors, President Bola Tinubu endorsed the formation of a committee to explore the modalities for establishing state police.

As the current constitution places policing on the exclusive legislative list, preventing states from creating their police forces, the momentum for state police gained further support. 

Senate President Godswill Akpabio constituted a 45-member committee to conduct a thorough review of the constitution, slated for inauguration next Tuesday.

In a statement, Senate spokesperson Yemi Adaramodu affirmed the Senate’s commitment to attune to the aspirations of Nigerians, pledging to enact laws that enhance the quality of life for residents.

 The legislative chambers are now actively engaged in addressing the critical issue of security decentralization through the establishment of state police.

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