Bulletproof Charm Test Ends In Fatality as Man Accidentally Kills Friend in Ondo

A  test of a bulletproof charm took a deadly turn as a man lost his life in Ondo.


The Ondo State Police Command has launched an investigation into the shocking event that unfolded at Laoso Village in the Ondo West Local Government Area.


The victim, identified as Tunde Akinmoyewa, 27, an ex-convict and reportedly a cultist, met his untimely demise while participating in an ill-fated experiment involving a locally-made gun. 


According to sources, Tunde was allegedly attempting to assess the effectiveness of a bulletproof charm and enlisted his friend, known as Bode, for the test.


Tragedy struck when Bode unintentionally discharged the firearm during the test, fatally wounding Tunde. Eyewitnesses recount the horrifying moment as Tunde fell to the ground and succumbed to his injuries on the spot. 


Shocked by the outcome, Bode fled the scene before witnesses could respond.


Community members rushed Tunde to the nearest village hospital in a desperate bid to save his life. 


Tragically, their efforts were in vain, and Tunde was pronounced dead upon arrival. The incident has left the local community in mourning and disbelief.


The Ondo State Police Command swiftly launched an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.


 Mrs. Funmilayo Odunlami, the Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed that Tunde’s body has been transported to the morgue as investigations continue. 


Efforts are currently underway to locate and apprehend Bode, the friend whose unintentional actions led to this devastating loss of life.


This tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers associated with reckless behavior and the misuse of firearms.


 The community now awaits answers as law enforcement authorities work diligently to piece together the events that transpired during the ill-fated bulletproof charm test.


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