CDHR Demands Justice As Policeman Crushes Pupil To Death In Ogun

Daud Olatunji

The National Vice President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR),  ‘Yinka Folarin, has strongly condemned the tragic incident in Ipokia, Ogun State, where a police officer’s actions led to the death of a secondary school student.

 The officer, reportedly chasing a motorist, fatally struck the student and injured others, prompting a swift and impassioned response from the CDHR.

Comr. ‘Yinka Folarin expressed deep sadness over the incident and stood in solidarity with the youth, Ogun residents, and Nigerians demanding justice.

 The CDHR leader emphasized the need for the police officer responsible to be held accountable for this reprehensible act and face the full force of the law.

In a scathing rebuke, Comr. ‘Yinka Folarin criticized the Nigeria Police Force Ogun State Command for dispersing grieving protesters with tear gas. 

He questioned the use of force against those mourning the loss of an innocent colleague and drew parallels with the EndSars struggle, suggesting that such actions indicated a concerning amnesia within the police force.

Highlighting the broader issue of extrajudicial killings and brutalities, Comr. ‘Yinka Folarin underscored the negative impact on the state, country, and international standing.

 He condemned actions that demonstrated a lack of regard for human rights and called for a comprehensive overhaul of the policing system in Nigeria.

While acknowledging ongoing efforts to reform the Nigeria Police Force, Comr. ‘Yinka Folarin raised concerns about unrepentant officers engaging in criminal conduct at checkpoints. 

He revealed a forthcoming case involving officers collaborating with Point of Sale (POS) operators to extort money from vehicle passengers, threatening lives in the process.

Expressing grave concern about the erosion of public trust and the threat to people’s freedom in Ogun State,  Folarin urged a critical examination of policing policies, particularly the reintroduction of extortion points.

 He called for the activation of monitoring units like SIBS and IGPXQUAD to holistically supervise officers deployed to checkpoint duties.

In the coming days, the CDHR, represented by Comr. ‘Yinka Folarin, plans to meet with the Ogun State Commissioner of Police to provide counsel and address pressing issues. 

Emphasizing the importance of upholding citizens’ human rights, he reiterated the commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to bring the responsible officer to justice, as promised by the IGP and often reiterated by the CP.

Folarin underscored that the officer responsible for the tragic incident must be identified and brought to face the full wrath of the law.

 The CDHR vowed to persist in its demand for justice, accountability, and the protection of human rights in the face of this devastating event.

Folarin, National Vice President CDHR,  urged the Nigeria Police

 Force to consistently recognize, respect, and accord every citizen their human rights, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the imperative for swift and transparent action.


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