CEO Credits Integrity At Pelican Valley For 10-Year Canadian Visa, Showcasing Real Estate’s Role in Attracting Diaspora Investors

Daud Olatunji

In a powerful address at the ‘Canada Trade Mission ’24’ pre-conference session, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, not only highlighted the vast potential of the real estate business but also revealed the remarkable impact of integrity. 

Adeyemo’s integrity at Pelican Valley had earned him a 10-year Canadian visa, demonstrating the critical role of trust and transparency in the real estate industry, especially in attracting Nigerian investors from the diaspora.

Dr. Adeyemo began his address by emphasizing the opportunities inherent in real estate investment.

He shared his personal journey, showcasing how he had successfully launched a real estate business with a modest amount of money and gained recognition both locally and globally.

One of Pelican Valley’s clients, the convener of the event, had a special connection with the company. After purchasing land and building his home in Pelican Valley’s estate, he was convinced to return to Nigeria, leading to the establishment of a company and the initiation of the ‘Canada Trade Mission ’24.’

This event aimed not only to benefit the convener but also to serve the broader Nigerian community.

Pelican Valley’s success was further illustrated by its ability to entice over 400 Nigerians living in the diaspora back to their homeland. 

In particular, from the Manitoba region, nearly 100 people had invested in land within the estate.

Dr. Adeyemo connected the real estate sector to the ‘Canada Trade Mission ’24,’ emphasizing its potential for attracting foreign investment and contributing to the development of Ogun State and Nigeria as a whole.

 Pelican Valley had successfully attracted approximately 1,000 Nigerians from the diaspora, further bolstering the case for the real estate industry’s untapped potential.

The CEO underscored that Nigerians returning from the diaspora not only invested in property but also became taxpayers in Ogun State, bringing foreign exchange back to the country.

A remarkable aspect of Dr. Adeyemo’s address was his story of starting the business with a mere N2 million Naira about 13 years ago, now transforming Pelican Valley into a household name. 

He stressed the importance of integrity in real estate, explaining that the company always sought government approvals and ensured all necessary amenities were in place before promoting their products.

He shared a significant outcome of Pelican Valley’s commitment to integrity, as it had led to Nigerians in the diaspora extending a 10-year Canadian visa to him. 

This integrity had not only opened doors to Canada but also earned him a visiting visa to the United Kingdom and invitations to other countries. 

Dr. Adeyemo emphasized that honesty, transparency, and diligence had been the cornerstones of Pelican Valley’s success in the real estate business.

The CEO’s address at the ‘Canada Trade Mission ’24’ session highlighted the pivotal role of integrity in the real estate industry. 

His story of earning a 10-year Canadian visa due to trustworthiness served as a testament to Pelican Valley’s success and demonstrated the potential of real estate in attracting diaspora investors and contributing to national development


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