Chaos In Ikere-Ekiti As Armed Robbers Unleash Deadly Attack On Banks


In a shocking turn of events, armed robbers wreaked havoc in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, on Wednesday, launching a brazen attack on commercial banks that left numerous customers injured, with the precise death toll yet to be confirmed.

Multiple videos received by SaharaReporters captured the horrifying scenes as gunshots echoed through the town, prompting residents and passersby to flee in fear for their lives.

As of the time of this report, the full extent of the damage inflicted by the armed robbers on the banks remains unclear.

However, eyewitnesses revealed that the social and business fabric of the town came to a standstill for several hours.

Human and vehicular movements ground to a halt as the robbery unfolded, casting a pall of fear and uncertainty over Ikere-Ekiti.

Residents recounted the attackers’ audacious use of dynamite to blast open the entrances of the targeted banks, a method indicative of a well-coordinated and ruthless operation.

The assailants reportedly made off with unspecified amounts of money, compounding the impact of the assault on the financial institutions.

Law enforcement agencies swiftly mobilized to the scene to bring the situation under control and launch investigations into the incident.

The Ekiti State Police Command has yet to release an official statement detailing the casualties or providing further insights into the ongoing investigation.

The incident underscores the vulnerability of banking institutions to daring criminal activities and raises concerns about the need for heightened security measures to protect both financial institutions and the communities they serve.

 As Ikere-Ekiti grapples with the aftermath of this audacious attack, residents and authorities alike are left contemplating the broader implications for the town’s security landscape.


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