Chief Of Defence Staff Assures Swift Action Against Bandits To Secure Communities

Chief of Defence Staff General Christopher Musa outlined a decisive plan to eliminate insurgent and bandit activities, ensuring the safety of communities.

Speaking on the Morning Brief, General Musa sought public support for the collaborative effort with state governments to identify and free areas stifled by these threats.

“We are working diligently with the state government to identify these areas; this year, God willing, we will ensure bandits hold no community,” General Musa affirmed, expressing the intent to bring normalcy to affected communities.

In the wake of a Christmas Eve attack in Plateau’s Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi local government areas, where 200 lives were lost and many more injured, concerns about the effectiveness of security measures arose.

General Musa acknowledged the challenges faced by security personnel and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to address the growing crisis.

Attributing the Plateau carnage to an attempt to “embarrass” the government, General Musa assured that the military was actively pursuing the perpetrators, making arrests in the process.

He addressed criticisms regarding the military’s response time, explaining that the vast areas of operation posed challenges and emphasized the political nature of decisions required for effective action.

“The challenges we are facing are political challenges,” General Musa stated. “It is a political decision, not a military decision on what is to be done.”
He urged coordinated efforts between the military and the government to overcome these challenges.

Responding to criticisms, General Musa defended the troops, emphasizing their commitment and success in countering banditry.

“What we try to avoid is to make our troops feel unappreciated,” he said, acknowledging the unfortunate loss of lives and expressing the pain felt by commanders.

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