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Chronicles Of My Tenure As FUNAAB’s Registrar: Dr. Adekola’s Story

….Former Registrar Earns Praise for Exemplary Professionalism, Dedication

Daud Olatunji 

In his emotional Farewell, the former  Registrar, Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta, Dr. Kola Adekola, shared his thoughts and experiences from his time in office. 

With a career spanning public and private universities, he revealed the complexities and challenges of his role while emphasizing the importance of serving with humility and dedication.

Adekola began by underlining the significance of the Registrar’s role, emphasizing that it’s a position where one must understand the rules and regulations and use them to assist the university in reaching its full potential.

 He stressed that the Registrar should never compete with the Vice Chancellor but instead act as their chief adviser.

When asked if he was scared of leaving office, Adekola responded with unwavering confidence. He explained that the problem often faced by those in positions of power is becoming too accustomed to the privileges that come with it. In his case, he made sure his family didn’t live as the “family of the registrar” but rather as the “family of Bola Adekola.”

He emphasized that leaving office was not a problem for him; in fact, it would allow him to be his authentic self, free from the trappings of the position.

Reflecting on his experiences, Adekola shared insights into the challenges of his role. He stressed the importance of firmness, understanding the law, and managing resources and personnel effectively. He admitted that the position had its share of ups and downs, describing it as having “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Adekola also touched upon the differences between working in state, federal, and private universities. He believed that being a Registrar in a federal university was the most challenging due to the excessive regulation and interference from authorities in Abuja.

 He lamented the need to seek approval from the capital for even minor decisions, which hindered the autonomy of university Senates and Councils.

Despite these challenges, Adekola remained dedicated to his role. He shared a touching anecdote about an incident during his time as Registrar at OOU when the VC, Professor Saburi, asked for bags of OOU water to be given to government officials, emphasizing the spirit of cooperation and service.

As Bola Adekola steps down from his position, his words serve as a reminder of the dedication and humility required to serve in such a vital role within the education system. His experiences shed light on the inner workings of universities and the challenges faced by those who work tirelessly to uphold their integrity and purpose.

… Registering The Registrar”

 Former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Felix Salako  Pays heartfelt tribute to Dr. Adekola

In a touching farewell address at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), former Vice Chancellor, poured out his gratitude and admiration for the outgoing registrar, Dr. Kola Adekola. 

The occasion was marked by deep emotions and warm reminiscences of their journey together.

Under the headline “Registering the Registrar,” Prof. Salako  began his speech with evident enthusiasm, “It gives me great pleasure to be here for Dr. Kola Adekola, outgoing registrar of FUNAAB.”

 He spoke passionately about the accomplishments of their administration, promising to illustrate them vividly.

In an unexpected twist, Prof. Salako  revealed, “I produce with a document, Yeah, I can do it, a PowerPoint in addition to about 800 pictures of what you have done on top of a text document detailing our activities veterans law to provide the most free registry of all units.” He emphasized the importance of showcasing their achievements.

Transitioning to a more somber note, Prof. Salako  addressed financial matters. “I want to put up a t-shirt on financial matters because I believe that transparency is key,” he declared. He stressed that transparency would only be achieved by addressing the issues and challenges faced by the university.

The former Vice Chancellor expressed his hope for continued improvement.

 He highlighted the need for financial support from stakeholders to ensure the university’s continued growth.

In a heartfelt moment, Prof. Kolawole shared a personal experience that taught him the value of unity. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and working together to achieve common goals, especially in an educational institution.

Throughout his speech, Prof. Kolawole acknowledged the dedication and hard work of the outgoing registrar, Dr. Kola Adekola, and his team. He recognized the challenges they had faced and their unwavering commitment to the university.

As the speech concluded, Prof. Kolawole touched on the legacy they aimed to leave behind, one of excellence and continuous improvement. He thanked everyone for their contributions and urged them to continue supporting the university.

In the end, the emotional address by Prof. Felix Kolawole served as a fitting tribute to Dr. Kola Adekola and highlighted the importance of unity, transparency, and support for the continued growth and success of FUNAAB.


… “Signing The Tegistar”

According to the  Vice Chancellor of the the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,Prof. Olusola Kehinde, the tittle of the tribute would be “signing  the registrar”, declaring tbat he is clean to go 

In a heartfelt address at a special ceremony held at  the FUNAAB, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kehinde, lauded the exceptional contributions of Dr. Hakeem Adekola.

 The event, attended by distinguished personalities, was a fitting tribute to Dr. Adekola’s dedication and exemplary service.

Prof. Kehinde began by acknowledging his predecessor’s remarks, where he humorously titled his speech “registering the registrar.” In response, Prof. Kehinde creatively retitled his own remarks as “signing the clearance form of the registrar,” evoking laughter from the audience.

With utmost sincerity, Prof. Kehinde expressed, “I want to say with all sense of responsibility that Dr. Hakeem, you’re not owing us any single thing, you’re hereby cleared.” This declaration was met with resounding applause, underlining the registrar’s impeccable service record.

Reflecting on the past year, during which Prof. Kehinde had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Adekola, the Vice Chancellor praised his predecessor’s attributes. “Everything said about him is correct,” Prof. Kehinde affirmed.

 “He is hardworking, knowledgeable about the rules and regulations, and, please permit me to cap it this way, from my experience working with Dr. Adekola, I’ve come to give him a name which is, Mr. Fix it.”

The “Mr. Fix it” moniker stemmed from Dr. Adekola’s unwavering ability to resolve challenges promptly. “There will come problems and challenges,” Prof. Kehinde explained, “but call him, he’ll tell me, Oga, e ma worry, and he’ll fix it.” This reliability and resourcefulness endeared Dr. Adekola to the entire institution.

In recognition of Dr. Adekola’s sterling service, Prof. Kehinde asserted, “You have given us excellence as a Registrar.” He emphasized that the accolades poured upon Dr. Adekola were not mere flattery but an honest acknowledgment of his accomplishments.

Prof. Kehinde concluded his speech with a mixture of emotions, remarking, “It’s a mixed feeling for us holding this ceremony for you, but we know in one way or the other, when we call upon you, you’ll be there for us.” He also highlighted the significant support Dr. Adekola enjoyed from distinguished individuals present, further attesting to his reputation.

In a final congratulatory note, Prof. Kehinde encouraged Dr. Adekola to continue serving humanity and expressed his heartfelt prayers for his continued success and elevation.

The ceremony celebrated not only the remarkable career of Dr. Hakeem Adekola but also his enduring legacy at FUNAAB, leaving a profound impact on the university community and beyond.


…Outgoing Resgistrar Epitome of Union Leadership and Excellence -SSANU 

The Senior Staff Association of Nigeria University (SSANU) President, Comrade Mohammed Ibrahim, delivered a powerful tribute to Dr. Hakeem Kola Adekola, celebrating his remarkable career as an academic and administrator.

 Ibrahim whonwas supporter by other national officers of the union,  lauded Adekola’s contributions to the union and his outstanding tenure as Registrar of FUNAAB.

During his address, Ibrahim commended Dr. Adekola’s unwavering dedication to both the academic community and the union. 

He emphasized Adekola’s role as a mentor and leader, highlighting the mentor-mentee relationships that have thrived within the university over the years.

Ibrahim underscored the significance of the colloquium held in Dr. Adekola’s honor, describing it as a rare event that celebrates a public servant while they are still in office.

 He praised Adekola’s exemplary record as Registrar, acknowledging his impending departure from the university and his enduring legacy.

Comrade Mohammed Ibrahim referred to Dr. Adekola as “Mr. Fix It” and “The Game Changer,” citing his ability to listen, advise, and act effectively. 

He also shared personal insights into their relationship, highlighting Adekola’s intelligence, reach, and unwavering support for the union.

Ibrahim compared their divergent paths to union leadership, highlighting the challenges they both faced in pursuing their roles within the union.

 He acknowledged that leadership seeks those who are prepared, emphasizing the importance of readiness for leadership roles.

The SSANU President praised Dr. Adekola’s tenure as SSANU Chairman at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), describing him as the “father of SSANU in OOU.”

 He recounted Adekola’s achievements, such as securing two steps differential for non-teaching staff, facilitating staff representation on the university council, and promoting educational qualifications for non-teaching staff.

Ibrahim also acknowledged Adekola’s role in fostering a seamless transition of leadership within SSANU OOU, citing it as a model for other branches. 

He commended Adekola’s commitment to dialogue, engagement, and intellectual discussions in the pursuit of unionism’s goals.

In conclusion, Comrade Mohammed Ibrahim celebrated Dr. Hakeem Kola Adekola’s exemplary career, his dedication to both academia and unionism, and his role as a mentor and leader.

 He praised Adekola for his outstanding contributions to FUNAAB and the broader university community, highlighting the lasting impact of his leadership.


…FUNAAB’s  Pioneer Registrar: Princess Soboyejo Urges For Humility 

In a heartfelt address to the gathered dignitaries and the  university community,  the Pioneer Registrar, Princess Soboyejo touched upon the institution’s history, the importance of administrative experience, and the significance of staff unions, all while emphasizing the virtue of humility in leadership.

She  expressed her pride in the University’s growth since its inception in 1995. 

She recalled the early days of building the institution, setting high standards inspired by prestigious universities like the University of Ibadan.

Princess then delved into the world of university administration, emphasizing the value of apprenticeship for administrators. 

She stressed that the knowledge gained during these formative years should be passed down and adapted as individuals progress in their careers.

She recounted an anecdote from her early career, highlighting the importance of adhering to institutional rules while occasionally finding creative solutions to challenging situations, without breaking the law.

Moving on to staff welfare and the role of unions, Princess underlined the vital function of staff unions within any organization. 

She shared experiences of working in environments without unions and the difficulties faced when employees have no avenue to voice their concerns or protect their rights. She emphasized the need for effective union management, which can contribute positively to the institution’s growth and development.

Princess also touched on the art of putting the right people in the right positions. She shared a story of addressing an artificial scarcity issue created by an employee to solicit bribes. 

This story underscored the importance of recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of team members and taking appropriate action to maintain discipline and efficiency.

In her closing remarks, Princess commended Dr. Adekola, acknowledging his exceptional leadership qualities, particularly his humility and willingness to listen to all.

 She stressed that leaders should always remain humble, accessible, and attentive, for even the most seemingly insignificant individual can hold great value.

Princess’s emotional address left the audience with a deep appreciation for the institution’s history and a renewed sense of purpose, emphasizing the importance of humility and effective staff management in achieving success.


… Dr. Hakeem Adekola: Shaping the Academic Landscape – A Tribute to an Exceptional University Registrar-Prif. Akeredolu-Ale

In a recent colloquium themed “Prism of University Leadership,” former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics), Prof. Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale, paid tribute to the remarkable contributions of Dr. Hakeem Adekola, the outgoing Registrar of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. 

Akeredolu-Ale highlighted the critical role played by university registrars and shed light on Dr. Adekola’s significant achievements, challenges, and competences during his six-year tenure.

In her address, Prof. Akeredolu-Ale emphasized the often-overlooked significance of the Office of the Registrar within the academic landscape. 

While academic leaders like Vice Chancellors and Deans frequently take the spotlight, the Registrar’s office operates as the administrative backbone of a university, ensuring the smooth functioning of various academic and administrative processes.

She commended Dr. Adekola’s dedication to his role as Registrar, citing his impressive track record of achievements. Dr. Adekola, who joined the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in 2017, brought over 29 years of experience in university administration to his position. 

His leadership was marked by notable accomplishments, including streamlining student clearance processes during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

One instance Prof. Akeredolu-Ale recounted was Dr. Adekola’s unwavering commitment to issuing clearances for final-year students. 

His persistence, despite difficulties in implementing an electronic clearance system, ensured that students did not face additional financial burdens. This dedication earned him the gratitude of both students and staff.

Dr. Adekola’s tenure also witnessed a historic change in the university’s approach to staff retreats.

 He advocated for inclusivity by organizing retreats not only for academic staff but also for non-teaching staff, marking a significant shift in the university’s history.

Prof. Akeredolu-Ale praised Dr. Adekola’s visionary leadership, which led to several advancements in university administration, including the acceptance of JAMB’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results. His tenure was characterized by a commitment to innovation and progress.

However, Prof. Akeredolu-Ale acknowledged the challenges faced by Dr. Adekola during his tenure, such as staff attrition and the perennial issue of bureaucratic bottlenecks. 

Despite these challenges, she highlighted that his leadership had been pivotal in the development of the institution.

In conclusion, Dr. Hakeem Adekola’s tenure as the Registrar of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, serves as a testament to effective university management. 

His legacy underscores the vital role that university leaders play in shaping the academic landscape, highlighting the importance of strong leadership in higher education. 

The praise and admiration from colleagues and former Vice Chancellors reaffirm Dr. Adekola’s status as an outstanding team player and an inspiration to his peers.

She said ” Dr. Adekola, to me, is a very distinguished university registrar. He has served as a registrar at the Fountain University in Osun State, before joining the services of this great university, the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, a leading institution known for its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and students success.”

“Dr. Adekola, as we heard from his profile, holds a PhD in applied psychology, along with numerous professional qualifications, and brings over an impressive 29 year career in university administration, to his role as the registrar. 

“He joined the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in 2017 and his study has been marked with remarkable achievements, some of which we have heard this morning. 

“He has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to this institution.”


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