Church Presses For N35 Million Compensation Over Collapsed Mast Incident

In a bid for justice and compensation, the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Ikot Omin, Eno Abasi Circuit Diocese,
Calabar, Cross River State, has initiated proceedings against Ekondo Microfinance Bank, urging them to compensate the church with a hefty sum of N35 million.

The demand stems from the catastrophic collapse of a mast owned by the bank, which resulted in the complete destruction of the residence belonging to the Minister in-charge, Rev. Evans Uwaoma Obiokor.

The incident, which occurred along the 8 Miles axis on Calabar Road, not only left the minister and his family homeless but also caused extensive damage to surrounding property.

Bishop Otuekong Ukut of the Diocese of Atamunu (Methodist Cathedral of Favour), Calabar, emphasized the gravity of the situation, revealing that a preliminary survey conducted by the church valued the lost property at N35 million.

The damage caused by the collapsed mast was profound, as it obliterated three buildings on the premises.

These structures included the minister’s residence, the office building, the service quarter, and the back house.

The destruction encompassed various elements, from roofs and wooden structures to electrical appliances, electronics, office equipment, and valuable books.

In light of the dire circumstances, the church swiftly mobilized its legal officer to inform Ekondo Microfinance Bank of the situation.

Bishop Ukut stressed the urgency of the matter, highlighting the imminent danger posed by sparking electrical wires and potential hazards caused by accumulated rainwater inside the minister’s residence.

Moreover, Bishop Ukut condemned the bank’s lack of communication and failure to take responsibility for the damages.
Upon inspection of the bank’s premises, he discovered alarming negligence regarding the maintenance of the collapsed mast.

The base of the mast was found to be rotten, devoid of any environmental impact assessment, and riddled with rust and perforations, indicating a severe lack of upkeep.

The bishop underscored the potentially fatal consequences of such negligence, emphasizing that the collapse could have resulted in loss of life.

Despite the church’s efforts to engage with the bank, no communication or acknowledgment of responsibility has been forthcoming from the bank’s management.

In response to queries regarding potential legal action, Bishop Ukut affirmed the church’s readiness to seek redress in court should Ekondo Microfinance Bank continue to evade responsibility.

He called upon the bank to acknowledge its negligence and fulfill its moral obligation to compensate for the damages incurred.

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