Cleric Opposes Halt of Ramadan Programmes, Hajj Sponsorship Amidst Hunger

Daud Olatunji

Chief Imam of Saadatul Abbadiyyah Organisation of Nigeria, Imam Ismail Abdul Lateef has warned  against the call to halt radio and TV Ramadan programmes and Hajj Sponsorship due to the country’s hunger.

The cleric said this in  a Friday Jumaat service held  in Abeokuta. 

During his address, the cleric dismissed the social media-driven advocacy to redirect funds from Hajj and media programmes to aid the less privileged, deeming it unnecessary.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that some people were advocating stoppage of both  paid media programmes on radio and TV stations during Ramadan and sponsorship of Hajj exercise .

The group advised that the fund should be redirected to feeding people in Nigeria who are  hungry.

Speaking on the development, Imam AbdulLateef said some scholars have reacted and corrected the notion, warning the proponents of the idea to desist .

 He emphasized the importance of sermons, asserting that Allah’s mercy surpasses such proposals.

The cleric urged those with the means to sponsor radio and TV programmes and support Hajj exercises to continue, stating, “Allah’s mercy is beyond that. Whoever has the opportunities to sponsor such activities should do so.”

Reflecting on his personal experience during Umrah between December and January, the cleric shared a profound moment.

 He recalled making prayers in the Kaaba and receiving the answers to those prayers the night before his address.

He highlighted the incomparable value of granted requests, emphasizing reliance on Allah’s power for enrichment.

The Chief Imam encouraged believers to trust in Allah, reinforcing the significance of continued support for media lectures during Ramadan and sponsorship for the Hajj, dismissing calls for their cessation.

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