Cleric Threatens Thunder, Fire Against Those Calling Him False Prophet

Controversial pastor, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Odumeje, has strongly refuted accusations branding him a false prophet.

In a widely circulated video, he expressed frustration with those who view his preaching as mere entertainment, warning the public to stop portraying him as a comic figure and refraining from sharing his videos for comedic purposes.

In an impassioned address, Odumeje firmly declared, “thunder will fire them,” pledging to take legal action against individuals accusing him of orchestrating fake miracles, even if the healing interventions are attributed to Jesus.

He labeled his detractors as foolish and vowed to confront any unfounded accusations.

Addressing those using him for comedic purposes, Odumeje asserted, “If nobody in your generation or history in Igbo land has ever done the kind of miracles that Jesus is using me to do and you are using me as a comedy, and you’re calling me an entertainer, I am coming for you. 

“If I have done fake miracles and posted it on social media, you are idiots to call me a comedian… thunder will fire you.”

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