Coalition Asks Ogun Assembly To Probe Abiodun Over Alleged Fund Diversion, Persecution Of Adedayo 

…Accuses Gov Of Power Abuse


Daud Olatunji 

The Civil Society Coalition in Defence of Democracy has called for urgent action to address alleged abuses of power, political persecution, and human rights violations by Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun. 

The coalition highlights cases of political persecution against  the former Chairman of  Ijebu East Local Government Area, Mr. Wale Adedayo.

The coalition described  the actions  of the state government as detrimental to democracy and public peace, calling on the Ogun State House of Assembly to intervene.

They emphasize the need for transparency and justice in cases such as the destruction of Datkem Plaza and allegations of financial impropriety against Governor Dapo Abiodun.

The   Coalition demanded investigation of  political persecution and intimidation ; Investigation of cases of political persecution against prominent individuals.

Establishing a public inquiry into the destruction of DaTKEM Plaza.

The Coalition also asked the assembly to investigate the  allegations made by  Adedayo against Abiodun .

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the submision of the petition,one of the leaders in the Coalition for Democracy and Justice,Mr. Shina Lorenukan confirmed that the petition had been submitted to the  State House of Assembly. 

He said that the  petition, signed by seven  human rights leaders, raises concerns about alleged unjust, unfair, and intolerant conduct by the governor of the  State.

He  emphasized that the  State, often referred to as the “Gateway State,” should uphold high standards of decency and respect for human rights. 

He pointed out that Nigeria, as a signatory to the African Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, should adhere to principles that prevent arbitrary arrests and uphold due process.

Mr. Lorenukan highlighted the case of Wale Adedayo, who has faced repeated detentions without charges related to allegations of financial misappropriation. 

The coalition questions the Governor’s approach and suggests that if the allegations are false, legal action for libel should be taken rather than harassment.

He  expressed concerns about the questionable impeachment of individuals, including Mr. Adedayo, by both qualified and unqualified persons, undermining the rule of law. 

The activist,  also raised concerns about the treatment of citizens by state agents, citing instances of property invasions and demolitions carried out in the early hours of the morning without due process, even in the presence of court injunctions.

When asked about their demands, Mr. Lorenukan stated that their primary goal is for the House of Assembly to investigate the alleged atrocities thoroughly. 

He said “our demand is for the house to look into all these atrocities, set up a public enquiry where people like us and those at home can come and speak their mind  if they want a decent government let them come and say it. 

“I feel I will want a government where promotion of development will be seen, if we go to Alagbolè you will be shocked by the state of the road some of my colleagues came through the old road to Abeokuta, it’s an eye sore , it’s so painful, what  is  the state of our hospitals? Let us use the resources we have in Ogun state to advance them.

” This is the state of prof Wole Soyinka, this is the state of Prof Yemi Oshinbanjo, this is the state that produced Albert Oguunde, this is the state that produced Fela, this is the state that produced Mrs. Ransom-kuti , this is the state that produced MKO Abiola (of blessed memory), this is the state that produced Tai  Solanrin.”

Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiaq, a prominent human rights advocate and leader within the Civil Society Coalition in Nigeria, called upon the Ogun State House of Assembly to uphold its responsibilities and investigate critical matters affecting the state.

Isiaq, hailing from Ijebu East Local Government and based in Lagos, expressed concerns over the Assembly’s perceived neglect of its oversight and investigative duties.

 He highlighted the Assembly’s failure to address a petition submitted by Wale Adedayo, emphasizing the importance of verifying the claims made in the petition.

The coalition, in a bid to protect democracy and the trust of the people in the government, has put forth several demands. 

These include urging the Ogun State House of Assembly to rise to the occasion, address the people’s concerns, and investigate allegations related to the demolition of the former governor’s wife’s plaza. 

Justice and accountability are paramount in the quest to safeguard the hard-fought democracy in Nigeria.


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