COLUMN : A little Peep Into What To Expect

Sport is something that is very important in every human life, society and nation.

It is important in every human life because it’s a known fact that exercising the body and keeping fit, is key to a healthy living and healthy living makes a healthy life.


Meanwhile, it’s important in every society and nation because healthy lives make a healthy society and in turn a healthy nation.


Besides the health benefits of sport, sport foster unity in the society and that’s why anytime the Super Eagles of Nigeria is playing, nobody will remember tribe or religion, all people remember is the nation.


Sport is also a good means of recreation.


More importantly, sport is a huge source of revenue, if properly managed, as well as a highly beneficial source of income and employment for youths, among others.


All these put together is why it gives me so much pleasure to share this space with you, writing about and on different sports, sporting topics and issues, as well as sharing my experience as a Sport Journalist and Broadcaster with you.


Going forward from now on, you can always look forward to exciting write ups from me.


By God’s grace, my focus next week will be on the Super Eagles of Nigeria, as this week’s write up is introductory and to give you “A little peep into what to expect”.


Thus, the title of my column next week will be “Finidi George the 5th of 5”.


Until then, it’s bye for now, while I wish you a happy new month in arrears.

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