Confiscation Of  Houses Without Toilets Underway-Ogun Commissioner Declares

 The Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, has reiterated a stringent measure that could see houses without toilets confiscated by the government.

 The commissioner unveiled this groundbreaking initiative in an interview, shedding light on the ongoing campaign against open defecation and the state’s proactive steps to convert buses to compressed natural gas (CNG) to combat air pollution.

Oresanya emphatically stated, “It’s not a matter of forcing people to comply. In line with the laws, we are making it public again; anyone who has a house without a toilet will forfeit it to the government.” 

This uncompromising stance aims to ensure that every residence in the state is equipped with proper sanitation facilities, aligning with the broader campaign initiated last year. 

The commissioner emphasized that compliance is not negotiable and provided a grace period for property owners to convert a room into a toilet. 

Failure to comply within the stipulated timeframe would result in the government taking possession of the property, citing legal authority to safeguard public health.

The focus on houses without toilets underscores the state’s commitment to creating a hygienic and safe living environment for its residents. 

Oresanya highlighted the public interest behind this measure, stating, “It is in the public interest, so you don’t endanger the lives of the people living in the community.” 

The move is not only a response to health concerns but also a proactive step to promote overall well-being within communities.

Simultaneously, the commissioner provided updates on the state’s efforts to address air pollution through the conversion of government buses to compressed natural gas. 

He proudly announced the successful conversion of all government buses and extended the initiative to private bus owners. Leveraging the abundance of natural gas in the state, 

Oresanya revealed plans for tricycles, including generating clean energy sources like battery-powered engines and establishing gas stations to eliminate traditional fuel dependence.

“This is a project that can pay for itself because it is for commercial purposes, and apart from the benefit of climate change, it is an enduring palliative that goes beyond just temporary relief,” Oresanya explained. 

The environmental initiative not only promises cost savings but also envisions a future with cleaner air for the residents, aligning with the state’s goal to be the most accessible in Nigeria.

Crucially, Ogun State emphasized the collaboration with the private sector in implementing these transformative measures. 

“We have the private sector working with us in all our processes,” the commissioner affirmed. 

This partnership extends to waste collection, with the government guaranteeing compensation for any deficits incurred during these processes. 

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