Dangote Companies Contribute N473.63 Billion In Taxes To FG Over Three Years

Aliko Dangote’s conglomerate has demonstrated its commitment to contributing significantly to the nation’s finances, with three of its key subsidiaries, Dangote Cement, Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc, and NASCON Allied Industries Plc, remitting a total of N473.63 billion in taxes to the Federal Government over the past three years.

These three companies, all listed on the Nigeria Exchange Limited, have consistently fulfilled their tax obligations, as revealed by an analysis of their annual reports. In 2020, they paid a total of N114.31 billion in taxes, followed by N187.17 billion in 2021, and N172.15 billion in 2022.

Dangote Cement emerged as the largest contributor, paying a total of N412.86 billion in taxes during this period. Dangote Sugar Refinery followed with N55.38 billion, while NASCON Allied Industries contributed N5.39 billion.

Breaking down the figures, Dangote Cement paid N97.24 billion in taxes in 2020, N173.93 billion in 2021, and N141.69 billion in 2022. Dangote Sugar Refinery’s tax payments were N15.85 billion in 2020, N11.97 billion in 2021, and N27.56 billion in 2022. NASCON Allied Industries contributed N1.22 billion in 2020, N1.27 billion in 2021, and N2.9 billion in 2022.

These substantial tax contributions underscore the Dangote Group’s role as a major contributor to the nation’s economy. 

It aligns with Aliko Dangote’s belief that prompt and accurate tax payments are vital for the country’s growth and development.

Aliko Dangote, President of Dangote Group, emphasized that taxation is a fundamental duty for all citizens and businesses wishing to witness genuine progress and development. 

He further advocated for the automation of the tax system in Nigeria, drawing inspiration from successful models in other countries like India.

 Dangote stressed that when citizens observe that their tax contributions are being used to improve infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other critical sectors, they become more willing to fulfill their tax obligations, fostering a beneficial social contract between the government and the people.

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