Dangote’s Start-up Packs Set  New Standard For Empowerment Programmes

The recent Host Community Youths Empowerment (HCYE) programme organized by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and sponsored by Dangote Cement Ibese has garnered widespread praise for its comprehensive support and innovative approach towards empowering youths. 

At the grand finale of the intensive two-month training, held at the Transport section of Dangote Cement Ibese on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, key stakeholders lauded the initiative’s impact and the exceptional quality of the start-up packs provided to the 30 graduating participants.

Mr. Sulaimon Mogaji, the assigned trainer representing Dangote, expressed his admiration for the resources allocated by the federal government through ITF for the successful execution of the program. 

He emphasized that in all his years of involvement in state and federal government-sponsored empowerment programs, he had never encountered start-up packs that matched the quality and quantity of those provided by Dangote Cement Ibese. 

Mogaji highlighted the high-caliber machinery included in the packs, valued at N700,000 each, underscoring Dangote’s commitment to the well-being and empowerment of the beneficiaries.

The Plant Director of Dangote Cement Ibese, Mr. Azad Nawabuddin, reiterated the company’s dedication to supporting indigenous communities and fostering self-sustainability among youths.

 He emphasized the transformative impact of the training program on the 30 graduates, who transitioned from having little to no knowledge in leatherworks and shoe making to acquiring skills that could sustain them economically. 

Additionally, Nawabuddin highlighted Dangote’s ongoing efforts, including scholarship awards and engagement programs, aimed at nurturing local talent and fostering community development.

The ITF lead officer, Mr. Haruna Sorunke, encouraged the graduates to leverage their training and start-up packs to become successful entrepreneurs. 

He urged them to resist the temptation to sell their equipment, emphasizing the potential for them to become employers of labor and contribute to the growth of their communities.

In response to the initiative, local government officials and community leaders commended Dangote Cement Ibese for its commitment to youth empowerment and economic development.

 They called for continued support from the company and urged graduates to seize the opportunity to establish thriving businesses in their respective communities.

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