De Renaissance Patriots Urge Immediate Action On Lagos Environmental Challenges

Daud Olatunji 


De Renaissance Patriots Foundation has issued a stark warning to the Lagos State Government regarding the annual flooding crisis that plagues Lagos Island and other parts of the state, particularly Lekki Phase I.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that as the rainy season commences, the familiar sight of flooded streets and homes has returned, raising urgent concerns about the state’s preparedness and response.

The foundation in a statement jointly signed  by Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele and Yomi Tokosi, the President and Secretary General of the De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, said persistent Flooding on Lagos Island

For years, the Ojo/Anikantamo axis of Lagos Island has suffered from chronic flooding, a situation that shows no signs of improvement.

The Foundation questions the Lagos State Government’s efforts, or lack thereof, in addressing the persistent issues of flooding and blocked drainage systems. 

The foundation The flooding not only disrupts daily life and commerce but also poses serious health risks to residents.

It expressed his concerns: “It is concerning to us that the environmental implications of this pending disaster are not being properly mitigated. The annual flooding is a scary situation that disrupts lives, commerce, and the health of our people.”

The Foundation acknowledges natural factors, such as the flat terrain of Lagos Island, but emphasizes that human activities have exacerbated the flooding problem. 

Early reclamation efforts, the construction of the Third Mainland Bridge, and the Adeniji-Adele Road have all contributed to the current state of affairs. 

The foundation added thar Tme controversial Ilubirin Housing Scheme is cited as a significant oversight, allowed to proceed without sufficient consideration of its environmental impact or the implementation of necessary mitigation measures.

“With all these obvious disadvantages, the construction of the Ilubirin Housing Scheme was allowed to happen without adequate methods to address arising issues,” stated Yomi Tokosi, Secretary General of the Foundation.

Unregulated Land Reclamation

The ongoing unregulated land reclamation, particularly in the Lekki/Ajah axis, is another critical issue highlighted by the Foundation. They argue that without a coherent reclamation policy and adequate policy thrusts, these activities are a major contributing factor to the flooding problem. The Foundation condemns the lack of regulation and oversight, which they believe is responsible for the escalating environmental challenges.

Urgent Call for Government Action

De Renaissance Patriots Foundation is calling on the Lagos State Government to take immediate and effective action. They demand a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the flooding and drainage issues, urging the government to “DO IT RIGHT.” The Foundation questions the motives of the government, accusing state actors of prioritizing photo opportunities over genuine problem-solving.

“Are they going to allow our homelands to sink, and indigenes be ripped off by tepid attempts at addressing the issues? Or are they going to actually sit down and do the job for which they were voted?” Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele asked pointedly.

Public and Government Accountability

The Foundation also calls for greater public awareness and accountability from both government and citizens. They urge the Lagos State House of Assembly and the Oba of Lagos to recognize that a lack of public outcry can be misconstrued as compliance with the government’s lackluster approach to these critical issues. They emphasize the importance of proper waste disposal and drainage maintenance by residents to prevent blockages and flooding.

In conclusion, the Foundation faults the current actions as ineffective and wasteful, demanding more substantial and immediate measures. They stress that the ongoing reclamation and drainage projects, such as those in Park View Estate, require careful oversight to prevent further exacerbation of the flooding problem.

The statement,  concludes with a call to both the government and the people of Lagos to protect their rights and environment, ensuring a sustainable and safe future for all residents.


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