DHQ Raises Alarm Over Plot By Terrorists To Blackmail Military

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has issued a stern warning against attempts by terrorists and their sympathizers to blackmail the military following its recent successes in combating insurgency. 

This caution comes amidst the backdrop of ongoing agitation for the Yoruba Nation, which the DHQ has described as laughable.

In a press briefing held in Abuja on Thursday, Major General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, emphasized the gravity of bearing firearms against a constituted government, labeling it a serious offense punishable by severe military action. 

He said, “The agitation of IPOB in the South East has proven to be for self-aggrandizement. Then, the call for a Yoruba Nation is laughable. All these buttress how our security situation is self-inflicted in the country. 

He said bearing firearms against a constituted government is a serious offence, warning that anyone who does that would be severely dealt with.

He condemned recent attempts by agitators of the Yoruba Nation to invade the Oyo State secretariat dressed in military camouflage and disrupt public peace.

The DHQ underscored that such actions contravene the constitution and are unacceptable, warning that individuals or groups resorting to violence against the government will face decisive military intervention. 

The recent arrest of 29 suspects in connection with the Yoruba Nation agitation serves as a testament to the military’s commitment to upholding law and order.

He said, “These acts are against the constitution and therefore unacceptable for persons or groups to take up arms against a constituted government. Anyone or group that contravenes this provision of the constitution is inviting severe military action and would be dealt with decisively. ”

Highlighting recent military achievements, Major General Buba revealed that troops had neutralized 192 terrorists, arrested 341 suspects, and rescued 62 kidnapped hostages in the past week alone. 

He added that  122 ISWAP/JAS combatant terrorists surrendered, marking a significant blow to insurgency in the country.

He stated that  the military confiscated stolen crude oil worth N821 million and recovered 211 assorted weapons along with 6,288 ammunition rounds. 

Major General Buba commended the troops for their relentless efforts in combating terrorism and maintaining national security.

However, the DHQ raised concerns about a potential propaganda campaign by terrorists and their sympathizers to undermine the military’s successes.

 Major General Buba urged the media to exercise caution and diligence in reporting to avoid unwittingly advancing the agenda of terrorist groups.

The DHQ reaffirmed its commitment to safeguarding the nation’s territorial integrity and combating all forms of security threats.

 The military remains vigilant and resolute in its mission to ensure the safety and security of all Nigerians.

Buba said, “It therefore should not be surprising, that these terrorist and their sympathisers plot to blackmail the military as a result of these airstrikes. 

“The plot is to depict some casualties as innocent citizens rather than cohorts of this terrorist.

“ It is therefore important for the media to be wary of the antics of these terrorist groups and their sympathisers. 

“Our operations have prevented these evil elements from accomplishing their strategic objectives.”


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