Domestic Staff Apprehended For Allegedly Stealing Employer’s Car, Attempts Cut-Price Sale

A  domestic worker has been apprehended for allegedly stealing his employer’s car and attempting to sell it at a substantially reduced price.

 The incident, captured on video and circulating widely on social media, has garnered widespread attention and raised concerns about security within residential estates.

The suspect, who was shown in the video being held in handcuffs, faced questioning from his boss, who revealed that the accused had previously served as his security personnel. 

According to the employer, the suspect absconded with his Lexus SUV, relocating the vehicle from his residence in Ajao Estate, Lagos, with the intention of selling it off.

Expressing disbelief and disappointment, the boss confronted the suspect, questioning why he would betray the trust placed in him. 

“I feed you, I give you all you need. I pay your salary. What bad did I do you again?” he demanded to know, reflecting the sense of betrayal and dismay experienced by victims of such crimes.

 Employers are often vulnerable to breaches of trust, as demonstrated in this case, where the accused abused his position of responsibility for personal gain.

The brazen attempt to sell the stolen vehicle at a ‘give away’ price highlights the audacity of the perpetrator and the need for heightened security measures within residential communities. 

Such incidents not only result in financial loss and emotional distress for the victims but also contribute to a sense of insecurity and mistrust within neighborhoods.

Law enforcement authorities have commended the swift action taken to apprehend the suspect and have urged residents to remain vigilant against similar acts of theft and deception. 

PLATFORM TIMES reports that investigations into the matter are ongoing, and the perpetrator is expected to face legal consequences for his actions.

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