DPO, Victim’s Husband Reject  Bribes Over Kidney Harvest Probe

In a remarkable display of integrity, Busari Kamal, the husband of a woman whose kidney was allegedly illegally removed by Dr. Noah Kekere, a controversial doctor, has revealed how he and the dedicated Divisional Police Officer (DPO), SP Timothy Bebissa, resisted substantial bribes running into millions of naira in their pursuit of justice.

The shocking incident, where the victim’s right kidney was illicitly harvested at Murna Clinic and Maternity in Jos back in 2018, has been the center of attention.

Kamal commended SP Timothy Bebissa for unwaveringly upholding the truth and firmly rejecting all attempts to derail the investigation with bribes.

According to Kamal, even when the suspected kidney harvester was apprehended, relentless efforts to bribe both him and the steadfast DPO proved futile. 

He was astounded when offered millions of naira to close the case but resolutely refused, putting justice for his wife above all else.

Kamal stated, “I have never encountered a more honest police officer than the DPO of Nasarawa Gown division. He stood by the truth and refused monetary enticement.

 He deserves our highest praise. I was also offered bribes of millions of naira at the expense of my wife’s well-being. I firmly declined, believing in the presence of honorable police officers.”

The arrest of the suspected kidney harvester stemmed from a complaint filed by the victim’s husband at the Nasarawa police station.

Furthermore, it has come to light that ‘Dr. Kekere,’ currently undergoing psychiatric treatment at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, had practiced medicine, including surgeries, for more than two decades. 

However, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) disavowed him, affirming that he is neither a medical doctor nor a member of their association.

In this harrowing tale, the resolute pursuit of justice by the DPO and the victim’s husband serves as a shining example of unwavering integrity in the face of corruption

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