Drama Unfolds In Ibadan As Three Men Clash Over Paternity Of Children

Daud Olatunji

In a sensational turn of events on Wednesday, Ibadan witnessed intense arguments among three men vying for the paternity of two children, both claiming to be married to the same woman, Taiba Raman.

Raman, at the center of the controversy, admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with all three men simultaneously. 

The root cause of the dispute traces back to the men fulfilling Raman’s mother’s condition of settling her debts before becoming her lawful husbands.

According to the conflicting accounts, each man asserted that he cleared Raman’s debts, thereby rightfully marrying her. 

Complications arose when two men alleged to be the fathers of a child each discovered that the children were given to another man, who staunchly insisted on being the father of both.

Speaking on a radio program, Sharafa, one of the claimants, disclosed that he paid off Raman’s debt after meeting her mother’s condition. 

However, after the birth of their first child, someone else contested the paternity, leading to a police investigation. 

Raman’s changing statements about the child’s father added confusion to the already perplexing situation.

Similarly, Oseni, another contender, asserted his fatherhood of the second child, recounting how Raman lived with him for eight months after paying off part of her debt. 

He claimed that Raman falsely informed him of a miscarriage, only to later discover she named the supposed miscarried pregnancy with another man.

Adding another layer to the saga, Rauf, the third man involved, expressed shock at discovering Raman’s relationships with the other two men. Despite the revelation, he adamantly maintained his claim as the father of both children.

Raman, in her defense, affirmed Rauf as the true father of the children, despite her simultaneous marriages and relationships with all three men. 

The perplexing saga continues as the parties involved grapple with the unraveling truth behind the paternity dispute.

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