Edo PDP Chairman Recounts Traumatic Experience In Kidnappers’ Den

The Edo State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Anthony Aziegbemi, has  shared the harrowing details of his recent abduction, describing it as an ordeal he wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Speaking with deep emotion, Aziegbemi recounted the terrifying events that unfolded on March 15th, when he was abducted by gunmen near his residence on Idaro Street, Benin City.

 The abduction occurred shortly after he left a meeting at the Government House, as he was making his way home with his driver.

After spending 11 agonizing days in captivity, Aziegbemi was finally released to the warm embrace of his family in the early hours of last Tuesday.

 His loved ones had kept vigil, anxiously awaiting his safe return throughout his ordeal.

The kidnappers had demanded a hefty ransom of N500 million, although it remains unclear whether any payment was made for his release.

Recounting his traumatic experience to Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu and other visitors, Aziegbemi expressed the deep emotional scars left by his time in captivity. 

He emphasized that no one, not even his worst enemies, should endure such horrors.

In response, Deputy Governor Shaibu, who shares a personal bond with the Aziegbemi family, expressed relief and joy at his safe return. 

He underscored the significance of celebrating Easter together and thanked God for Aziegbemi’s deliverance from the clutches of his captors.

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