EFCC ‘ll Soon Come For Abiodun,Others, Says Suspended LG Chair

Amidst an unfolding saga, suspended Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government, Wale Adedayo has voiced his determination to fight against what he perceives as unjust treatment. 

Adedayo, who blew the whistle over alleged missing council funds from 2019 till date which indicted the Ogun state governor of masterminding zero allocation.

The allegation was refuted  by the governor, claiming that he even helped the council’s with state funds every month to augment it’s expenses.

But,Adedayo  in a bold assertion, proclaimed that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) would soon extend its scrutiny beyond the current situation, potentially involving key figures such as Abiodun.

He said ” Two of the Councillors were led to the Council at gunpoint. And immediately they finished all of them were taken in a vehicle to Abeokuta.

“Of course, I was told that N1m was given to each person that signed. We are not bothered. Once the EFCC comes, the books of the local government can also be opened for them to see.”

The suspended chairman, known for his commitment to due process, highlighted the importance of adhering to proper procedures when it comes to the suspension or impeachment of a local government chairman. 

According to Adedayo, this process ought to begin  with the receipt of a formal letter detailing any alleged infractions, enabling a fair response to the accusations.

Recounting recent events, Adedayo revealed a shocking development where the Council secretariat was stormed by over 100 armed policemen, accompanied by thugs and agberos.

 In his view, this orchestrated move aimed to provoke a violent reaction, reflecting a disregard for the democratic principles he holds dear. 

Adedayo pledged to challenge these actions through peaceful and democratic means, reinforcing his commitment to democratic values.

Undeterred by allegations leveled against him, Adedayo adamantly dismissed them as lacking substance and a solid foundation. 

He unveiled a series of concerning incidents, including the forceful escort of the Clerk of the House and the local government’s HOLGA to Abeokuta prior to the unfolding events.

 Adedayo indicated that these actions hinted at a premeditated strategy orchestrated by higher powers, such as the Governor.

Elaborating on the depth of the situation, Adedayo revealed the distressing account of two councillors who were purportedly led to the Council at gunpoint, and following their participation, were swiftly transported to Abeokuta. 

He alleged that financial incentives were offered to those who signed against him, but Adedayo remained undeterred, asserting that his resolve would not waver.

Looking ahead, Adedayo anticipated the involvement of the EFCC, asserting that the investigative body would eventually turn its focus toward individuals beyond the immediate context. 

He welcomed the scrutiny of the local government’s financial records and extended an open invitation for the EFCC to inspect the books, demonstrating his commitment to transparency.

In the midst of adversity, Wale Adedayo’s unyielding determination and accusations of unjust treatment cast a spotlight on the unfolding drama.

 As the suspended LG Chairman continues to make his stance known, his words reverberate through the ongoing narrative, bringing attention to the importance of accountability and due process in governance.


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