Egba Foundation Celebrates Inauguration and Unveils Vision For Community Development 

Faridat Ogundairo

The Akinkanju Omo Egba Foundation celebrated its official inauguration in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria, reaffirming its profound commitment to community welfare and development.

Comprising dedicated individuals with shared heritage from Egba land, the foundation boasts a noteworthy history of charitable activities and an ambitious vision for the future.

Abayomi Kehinde, the PRO, speaking on behalf of the association’s chairman, Baale Ahmed Taiwo, explained that their recent recognition and registration mark the beginning of a new chapter in their mission to uplift their community.

He revealed that the group had been actively engaged in philanthropy and community support even before their official recognition, consistently providing aid to those in need, underscoring their unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes.

Kehinde emphasized their intention to progress rapidly, declaring, “The sky is just the beginning of our journey,” echoing the sentiments of the grand patron from last year, who encouraged them not to limit their efforts to the sky but to let it be the foundation for the development of Egba land.

He stated, “We’ve come a long way as a group. The king gave his approval to Akinkanju Omo Egba last year in September. Since then, we’ve registered as a group both here and in the UK and completed all other necessary formalities. Our inauguration ceremony is where ‘baba’ will raise our hands and present the certificate. It’s not that we’ve just started; we’ve been together for a while.”

“We’ve been involved in various activities within the group, including charitable donations. Even during the pandemic, we consistently provided aid to those in need. So, our efforts predate last year when we officially became a separate group following the king’s authorization. We aim to grow rapidly, which is why our chairman stated, ‘The sky is just the beginning of our journey.'”

“Building on the grand patron’s words from last year, he emphasized that the sky should not limit Egba land’s development. The Egba nation has a rich history that predates Nigeria’s independence, and we have a deep interest in preserving and celebrating that history.”

The group also announced that membership in the Akinkanju Omo Egba Foundation is open to individuals above the age of 50, provided they are natives of Egba land with good behavior.

They also expressed their dedication to addressing issues like drug addiction and misbehavior among the youth, emphasizing their commitment to nurturing the younger generation.

They stated, “Our membership criteria require individuals to be above 50 years old, undergo a background check, and be native to Egba land. We are actively conducting a membership drive, welcoming new members to join us.”

“This is to ensure that people are aware of our presence. Tomorrow, during the celebration of the Alake of Egba land’s 80th birthday, we will proudly proclaim our Egba heritage.”

“Our programs include initiatives that support the community and the sponsorship of youth development.”

Furthermore, they explained that since many of their members are from the diaspora, they make a point to visit and pay homage to their grand patron whenever they return home.

They encouraged Egba Diaspora sons and daughters to maintain strong ties with their roots and homeland, stating, “Given that many of us are from the Egba Diaspora, we strongly encourage them to stay connected with their roots and homeland. As you can see, we regularly return home, paying homage to our grand patron.”

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