Eid Fiesta 2.0 : Renewed Halal Fun

Sakeenah Kareem 


It was in 2023 when Fadlullahi Olamilekan decided to put Ogun state on the Eid-ul-Fitr events map. Eid ul Fitr in Abeokuta was usually an individual and family celebration unlike in Lagos and Ibadan where events like Eid Glitz and Eid Fest brought everyone together. Though there were picnics and hangouts organized by different organizations on the second or third day of the festival in Abeokuta, there was none that accommodated everyone. 


The thought of creating an Abeokuta Muslim social community as said by Fahd was what led to Eid Fiesta 1.0 in 2023. After recording almost a thousand attendees with positive feedback, Fadlullahi Olamilekan and his team kicked off the Eid Fiesta 2.0 car. 


Eid Fiesta 2.0 was held on the 13th of April, 2024, 3 days after the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. The event was held at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, the same venue the first one had held. 


Eid Fiesta 2.0 was everything 1.0 entailed and more; a blend of halal fun, networking, games, wine & dine, eating contests, halal pickup line and many others. “We wanted a bigger and better edition and God willing, it came to pass”, Fahd said. 


Eid Fiesta attendees were a mix of first timers who after the reviews from the first edition just had to be there and second timers who couldn’t wait to celebrate Eid in grand style yet again. 


Halimah Lawal fell into the first category of people. Her sister who had attended the first edition wouldn’t stop talking about it and thus, convinced Halimah to attend. 


“My Eid fiesta experience was a very sweet and memorable one. It really met my expectations.I was not bored for a moment and I enjoyed the whole of the program. I did not even feel like returning home again because Eid fiesta 2.0 was so lit. I look forward to a better one , next year ”, Halimah recounted. 


For Badmus Ruqayyah who had never attended an Eid event before nor hung out with people after Eid, she attended Eid Fiesta because everyone was talking about it. Despite that it didn’t meet her expectations, she felt it was nice but the organizers could do better. 

On the other hand, there was Islammiyah Apata whose expectations were “underrated” compared  to what she experienced. “I was given more than what I expected. Kudos to the organizers and everyone that made the event happen. Can’t wait for eid-fiesta 3.0”, she said. 


Speaking to the convener, Fahd believed that the mission to foster unity and love amongst Muslims was successful for the second time in a row. 


“Eid Fiesta 2.0 had more numbers, created a more lively experience, and got support from Golden Penny, Hypo, Bellstech amongst many other brands. People went home happier, made new friends and celebrated Eid in grand style”, he expatiate. 


Teslimah Abdul Hafiz, a 2 time attendee of Eid Fiesta completely agrees with the convener on this as her Eid Fiesta 2.0 experience was “nothing short of connection and fun”. 


However, Sa’adah Ibrahim found the “1.0 beautiful, amazing, lovely, and memorable one better than this 2.0”. 


For Sanni Samiat, Eid Fiesta 2.0 was “all shades of amazing, brought out my inner child and really exceeded my expectations”. 


When asked what the future of Eid Fiesta looks like, Fadlullahi said “ After 1.0, that question was easier to answer. Now, having ticked so much off in 2.0, I guess we can only want to do bigger and better again”. 


“Those happy faces, the amazing experience, the feedback we received all without going against the words of Allah are enough to encourage us to do more”, he added. 


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