Eight Lawmakers Sacrifice Six Months Salary  for Hunger Relief

… Urge Tinubu, Govs To Suspend Capital Projects For Food,Security

Daud Olatunji 

In a remarkable display of solidarity and commitment to addressing the nation’s challenges, eight Labour Party lawmakers in Anambra State have voluntarily forfeited their salaries for the next six months. 

Responding to the urgent call of their leader, Mr. Peter Obi, regarding the nation’s deteriorating state, the lawmakers issued a communique after an emergency caucus meeting.

The communique advocates a temporary suspension of capital projects, including infrastructure, at both the federal and state levels.

 The lawmakers specifically called upon the President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to lead this effort, emphasizing the need for a nationwide declaration of a state of emergency on security and hunger.

Notably, the Labour Party House of Assembly members are not only urging other state governors, including Anambra’s Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, to join this initiative but are leading by example. 

They have pledged to forego their basic salaries for the next six months, aiming to contribute directly to alleviating the suffering of the masses during these challenging times.

The lawmakers underscore the seriousness of the situation, highlighting that the campaign and election season are over, and urgent action is required to address the prevalent suffering and loss of lives due to hunger and insecurity. 

They appeal to both the Federal and State Governments to heed Mr. Peter Obi’s advice.

In a show of appreciation, the assembly members commend Mr. Peter Gregory Obi for his selfless efforts to ensure the stability and growth of the nation, portraying his dedication to making Nigeria a better place for all citizens.

To the masses, the lawmakers convey a message of hope, emphasizing the virtue of sustaining hope as the currency for a better tomorrow.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that this unprecedented move by the Labour Party House of Assembly members signifies a collective commitment to tackling pressing issues and sets a compelling example for leaders across the nation.

The letter read “We, the Labour Party House of Assembly members wish to lend our voice to the cry of our dear Leader, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi on the state of the Nation after our emergency caucus meeting sitting. We, therefore advise the Federal and State governments as follows:

1.”That His Excellency, Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu should suspend work on all other sectors including infrastructure for the next six months and declare state of emergency on security and hunger in the nation.

“All State governors including our dear governor Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo to suspend all infrastructural development in their various States for the next six months and declare state of emergency on security and hunger..

“We, the Labour Party House of Assembly members will relinquish our basic salary for six months to be our contribution to alleviate the suffering of the masses.

“In conclusion, we all know that campaign is over and election is over. Majority of Nigerians are suffering. People are dying every day as a result of hunger and insecurity..

“ Thus, there is need for the Federal government and State Governments to adhere to the advice given by our leader Mr. Peter Obi. We must commend our leader His Excellency Mr. Peter Gregory Obi for this selfless effort to ensure the stability and growth of our Nation. It really shows that he is committed to make this nation a better place for all of us.

“To the masses, hope is a virtue; we must sustain hope. That is the currency for better tomorrow.




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