Ekiti Gov To Allocate N6 Billion for Travel, Refreshments, Others In 2024

Daud Olatunji

Ekiti State Governor, Biodun Oyebanji, has  allocated a sum of N6 billion for various expenses, including local and international travel, medical costs, refreshments, meals, maintenance, among others in 2024.

PLATFORM TIMES obtained this information from the financial records prepared by the Ekiti state government and made available on openstates.ng. 

The state government, in 2023, passed the N159.5bn 2024 Appropriation bill titled “Budget of Sustainable Growth and Development” into law.

The records indicate that out of this amount, N620,000,000 has been allocated for refreshments and meals, and N200,000,000 for humanitarian and sitting allowances. 

Additionally, N80,000,000 is set aside for local and international medical expenses for the governor.

PLATFORM TIMES further reports that the governor budgeted N2,553,000 for travels in the current year, with personnel costs attracting N188,298,418.07, and capital expenditure taking N400,000,000.

In comparison, in 2023, the governor spent N604,000,000 on refreshments and meals, while his office allocated N63,000,000 for medical expenses both local and international. 

The governor also expended N154,595,475 on humanitarian and sitting allowances, while the office of the governor invested a sum of N628,500,000 in maintenance.

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor Mrs. Christianah Afuye is expected to allocate N50,000,000 for refreshments and meals in 2024.

 Simultaneously, a noteworthy sum of NN140,000,000 is earmarked for travels, both local and international, in 2024.

As the Ekiti State government gears up for the implementation of this budget, citizens and stakeholders are closely monitoring how these allocations will contribute to the promised sustainable growth and development outlined in the appropriation bill. 

The governor’s commitment to transparency, evident in the detailed financial disclosure, aims to foster public trust and engagement in the budgetary process.


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